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• Planned Parenthood Confirms Nationwide Abortion Expansion
• Obama Admin Sues Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Over Minor Charge
• ACLU Asks Obama Admin to Force Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions
• Republican Party Chair Candidate Maria Cino Pro-Abortion

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• Arizona Planned Parenthood Pumps Tax Credits for Donations
• ABC News Calls Nun Who Approved Abortion Saintly, Hits Catholic Bishop
• Population Control, Abortion Doesn t Protect the Environment
• Colorado Lacks Law for Justice for Mother, Baby in Hit and Run
• European Court: No Abortion Right in European Law
• Pro-Lifers Crash Abortion Christmas Parties, YouTube Yanks Videos

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Planned Parenthood Confirms Nationwide Abortion Expansion
Planned Parenthood officials, in a new interview, have confirmed a report issued Tuesday about a new mandate for its affiliates to operate at least one abortion center.

The report focused on the Corpus Christie, Texas based Planned Parenthood of South Texas affiliate that announced it is resigning its status as a network of clinics aligned with Planned Parenthood because of the new abortion mandate.

CEO Amanda Stukenberg told the Corpus Christi Caller newspaper that PPST doesn t do abortions because local abortion businesses already operate in south Texas and her organization has no plans to do abortions.

In a new interview with The Daily Caller, Lisa David, senior vice president of Health Services Support for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, confirmed the abortion expansion and the mandate called a new patient services initiative. David said abortions must be offered by at least one center operated by every Planned Parenthood affiliate, except waivers would be granted in certain unique local circumstances.

The new mandate also calls for more emphasis on the non-abortion services of Planned Parenthood used as method of attracting more abortion customers and painting a picture of Planned Parenthood as something other than an abortion business. Full story at

Obama Admin Sues Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Over Minor Charge
The Obama administration has filed a lawsuit against a pro-life protester who was given community service over a minor charge associated with his efforts to help women find abortion alternatives.

In January, David Hamilton was talking with women going into the EMW Women s Surgical Center, the only abortion business in Louisville, Kentucky. Hamitlon was arrested for moving the arm of a clinic escort out of his way as he attempted to present alternatives information to one woman going towards the center entrance.

Although Hamilton told the Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper he did not try to hurt or intimidate anyone, he was charged with disorderly conduct as police cited him for pushing and shoving clinic escorts. The misdemeanor charge was dismissed in May after Hamilton completed eight hours of community service.

The Obama Administration, months later, is now charging him with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, a 1994 law passed during the Clinton administration designed to take a more aggressive stance against sidewalk counselors and abortion protesters at abortion facilities. The lawsuit seeks a $15,000 penalty and $5,000 in compensatory damages. Full story at

ACLU Asks Obama Admin to Force Catholic Hospitals to Do Abortions
The ACLU has again asked the Obama administration to force Catholic and other religiously-affiliated hospitals to do abortions in cases where the mother s life is supposedly in danger.

The new letter to the federal government is the second the pro-abortion legal group has sent and this one concerns the debate over the controversial abortion a Phoenix-based Catholic hospital did. The abortion earned the medical center condemnation from Bishop Thomas Olmsted, who decided this week to revoke the Catholic status of the hospital.

This confrontation never should have happened in the first place, because no hospital religious or otherwise should be prohibited from saving women s lives and from following federal law, the ACLU letter said.

The Wednesday letter went to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and it applauded the abortion St. Joseph s Hospital did saying it is what is right by standing up for women s health and complying with federal law. Full story at

Republican Party Chair Candidate Maria Cino Pro-Abortion
While four other candidates for the position of chairman of the national Republican party unequivocally say they are pro-life, Republican activist Maria Cino is not.

Cino served on the board of directors of the pro-abortion Republican group WISH List, a Republican counterpart to the pro-abortion Democratic Emily s List, that seeks to elect female candidates who support abortion.

After her tenure on the board, Cino continued supporting the pro-abortion group and gave the organization $250 in March 2001. That s after giving the organization two $500 contributions in August and September of 1997 and a $250 donation in September 1998, according to FEC records.

Meanwhile, Dan Riehl of the Big Government web site indicates Cino lobbied for the ObamaCare bill that allows massive funding of abortions at taxpayer expense. Full story at

Arizona Planned Parenthood Pumps Tax Credits for Donations
Planned Parenthood Arizona is promoting tax credits intended for organizations that assist poor state residents for donations that would benefit the abortion business.

In a promotional released last week, the southwestern abortion organization issued a fundraising appeal taking advantage of a federal tax rebate.

Your generous donation can be applied to the Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit, it says. What this means to you is that, in addition to a federal tax deduction, if you itemize your deductions and you contribute to Planned Parenthood in Arizona, you may be eligible for a dollar-for dollar state tax credit.

The tax credit, the abortion business says, can return up to $200 for an individual filer and up to $400 for a married couple filing jointly. Full story at

ABC News Calls Nun Who Approved Abortion Saintly, Hits Catholic Bishop
ABC s Dan Harris gave a slanted report on Wednesday s GMA about the Catholic bishop of Phoenix, Arizona stripping a hospital there of its Catholic status: This is a story that involves a nun, described as saintly; a Catholic bishop; a world-class hospital; and a controversy now being discussed across the country.

Harris unnecessarily introduced the priestly sex scandal into his report, and played a sound bite from a doctor who thought religion should be kept out of medical decisions involving crisis pregnancies.

The correspondent began his report with his saintly superlative for Sister Margaret McBride, and continued by giving a brief summary of the controversy she is involved in, throwing in his line about the sex scandal in the process: Full story at

Population Control, Abortion Doesn t Protect the Environment
by Richard Doerflinger
Legislative efforts to prevent harmful climate change by reducing carbon emissions have encountered serious obstacles. Major environmental legislation was never approved by the Congress that just ended; many expect the new Congress to be less interested in the issue.
So people devoted to protecting the environment are exploring new ways to shape and communicate their message. But at least one new proposal is not new at all, and is a really bad idea to boot.

The idea appeared on November 15 in the online environmentalist magazine Grist. Editor Lisa Hymas s fresh new idea for protecting the environment is Fight for Free Birth Control. Or as she puts it: For the moment, forget about carbon caps and start thinking about cervical caps and the Pill, IUDs, and Depo-Provera. Full story at

Colorado Lacks Law for Justice for Mother, Baby in Hit and Run
Legislators in Colorado may look to change state law to provide protection and justice for women and their unborn children who are victims of violent crimes.

On December 9, a pregnant Laurie Gorham was the victim of an unsolved hit and run in Stapleton that took the life of her unborn child and left her critically injured. Gorham has since had a number of surgeries but her unborn baby was not able to survive the accident.

Should authorities apprehend the person responsible for causing the accident, the culprit would be held accountable under state law for the injuries Gorham sustained but not for the death of her baby. That s because Colorado is not one of 36 states that have approved an unborn victims law that holds criminals accountable for killing or injuring an unborn child in a crime committed outside the context of abortion. Full story at

European Court: No Abortion Right in European Law
Europe s highest human rights court says there is no human right to abortion in Europe s human rights convention, and that abortion laws are the purview of sovereign states.

The European Court of Human Rights made the statement last week in its conclusion of A, B, and C v. Ireland. Three anonymous plaintiffs claimed that Ireland s strict abortion laws violated their human rights to privacy under the European Convention on Human Rights.

The women claimed that they had traveled to Britain for abortions with the belief that they could not secure abortions in Ireland given their circumstances. Full story at

Pro-Lifers Crash Abortion Christmas Parties, YouTube Yanks Videos
A group of pro-life advocates crashed the holiday parties of NARAL and the DC Abortion Fund to deliver the message that advocating abortion at Christmastime is sacrilegious.

The D.C. Abortion Fund and LOYL (League Of Young Leaders), NARAL s young professionals group, both threw holiday parties that were fundraisers and were open to the public.

Gary Boisclair, of the group Insurrecta Nex, said the people at NARAL and DC Abortion Fund have celebrated their selfish, deceptive, wicked ideas and called it a holiday party. We at Insurrecta Nex love them too much to fail to tell them the truth. Full story at


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