Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The gospel according to Planned Parenthood :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

As most readers now know, abortion industry behemoth Planned Parenthood has decided to unleash its controversial “Choice on Earth” fund raising campaign during the Advent and Christmas seasons again this year.

This blatant act of Biblical mockery for the purpose of promoting abortion is nothing new, but for most Christians it remains perennially shocking. At the same time, however, it’s also altogether logical that the likes of Planned Parenthood would so treat God’s Holy Word.

You see, the “Choice on Earth” campaign is a great example of how the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged occasionally bubbles up to the surface of the here-and-now to reveal itself plainly for all who have eyes to see. As such, Planned Parenthood has perhaps given the pro-life community an opportunity to cast the broader light of truth on abortion for those so-called “pro-choice Christians” among us who fail see this abomination for what it truly is.

The reality that presumably escapes the awareness of at least some of these self-described “followers of Christ” — if any sincerity exists among the lot — is that abortion is not even just an assault against human life; rather, it’s an act of warfare against the Life who is Jesus Christ — the very Word of God.
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