Thursday, December 16, 2010

ALL Pro-Life Today: The Minions of 'Despicable Me' Could Teach Kathleen

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Judie BrownAnyone familiar with the lovable minions of Despicable Me and their boss, Gru, knows that when Gru gives instructions the minions obey! Perhaps Kathleen Kennedy Townsend could learn a thing or two from them.

[ Read the full commentary here. ]

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Linda Gibbons to remain in jail over Christmas
Life Site News
At the conclusion of a hearing into Linda Gibbons' case on Tuesday, Judge Mara Beth Greene reserved a ruling on an abuse of process application until January 12. This ensures that Gibbons, who refuses to sign bail conditions requiring she stay away from abortion sites, will remain imprisoned over the Christmas season.
Pitchfork politics: the feds are targeting conscientious doctor
Life Site News
Get the pitchforks out - America is hunting physicians. Instead of calling off the dogs, President Obama is leading the charge. In March of 2009, Obama called to rescind the conscience protection clause that was implemented by Health and Human Services on January 20, 2009. Then he adamantly backed the passage of the healthcare reform law, which leaves physicians' conscience rights open for attack from nearly all sides. Why should you care about the conscience rights of doctors? Because whether doctors have conscience rights may determine whether you have a doctor.
Adult stem cells cure man with HIV, claim scientists
 Life Site News

A team of researchers has claimed that a German patient has been cured of both HIV and leukemia after receiving a bone marrow transplant that included stem cells from an HIV-resistant donor. Now, three years after the transplant, the researchers say that they cannot find any trace of the HIV-infected cells, and have pronounced the patient "cured." The extraordinary case is just the latest breakthrough for adult stem cells, which have been used in countless successful therapies, while their much-touted rival, embryonic stem cells, have failed to produce a single viable cure to date.

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