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• Obama Push to Rescind Conscience Rights Upsets Pro-Life Doctors
• Planned Parenthood Uses Sexual Assault Exams to Boost Abortion Business
• Mike Pence to Decide Next Month on President, Governor Bid
• Americans, For First Time, Say ObamaCare Will be Repealed

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• Democrats Give Up on Votes for Obama s Pro-Abortion Judges
• Report Shows Catholic Healthcare West Promotes Abortions
• Wichita, Kansas Pro-Lifers Protest Plans for New Abortion Ctrs
• Pro-Life Halo Ultrasound Billboards Head to Cincinnati, Ohio
• Alaska Man Charged With Forced Abortion in Attacking Wife
• Washington Board Won t Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists in Rules
• Pro-Life News: ObamaCare, Abortion, New Brunswick, Minnesota, Russia

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Obama Push to Rescind Conscience Rights Upsets Pro-Life Doctors
A national organization of Christian doctors is strongly concerned about the Obama administration s effort to rescind conscience protections the Bush administration put in place for medical professionals.

The regulations provide additional protections and support for those doctors and nurses who don t want to be involved in abortions and may face pressure from medical institutions receiving federal funds.

As recently reported, documents the Obama administration filed in November and December have Obama administration attorneys admitting the administration wants to finalize a rescission of the conscience rules but has been delayed because of other business likely due to the HHS working on implementing the provisions of the ObamaCare law.

That greatly concerns Jonathan Imbody, the Vice President for Government Relations at the Christian Medical Association.

The advocate for medical professionals said medical workers and the pro-life people who support them need to act now to try to save the regulations.

The government is now telling the court, in response to a lawsuit by several states against the conscience-protecting regulation, that HHS plans to eliminate or replace the conscience regulation by as early as January 31, Imbody added. That means we must act again to raise awareness of this threat to conscience rights, which has the potential to push life-affirming healthcare professionals out of medicine and strand the patients who depend upon them for care. Full story at

Planned Parenthood Uses Sexual Assault Exams to Boost Abortion Business
A Planned Parenthood watchdog group says it is installing sexual assault examination suites in newly-begun abortion facilities in order to boost its abortion business.

However, Jim Sedlack of Stop Planned Parenthood says Planned Parenthood is the last place women victimized by sexual assault or abuse should turn since the abortion business has a history of covering up such cases by doing abortions and failing to report them to authorities.

As Planned Parenthood continues its massive expansion of its abortion business while phasing out those centers that do not commit surgical or medical abortions, we have seen two recent instances of the abortion profiteer promoting sexual assault exam suites, Sedlack said in a report last week. [They] are being incorporated into the design of its new centers, one in Nebraska and one in Iowa.

But Sedlack points to a recent Ohio case as a prime reason Planned Parenthood should not be the first choice for helping such women.

A state judge ruled earlier this month that a Cincinnati Planned Parenthood abortion business rushed an abortion it did on a 14-year-old girl who was a victim of sexual abuse. The case was brought by parents whose minor daughter had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility without their knowledge after being sexually abused by her adult coach. Full story at

Mike Pence to Decide Next Month on President, Governor Bid
Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana excites social and fiscal conservatives alike and will reportedly decide next month whether he will run for president or governor of his home state.

Pence energizes pro-life advocates with his consistent pro-life push including his drumbeat for revoking taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Although members of Congress don t normally rise to national prominence and just one has ever ascended to the presidency, Pence is defying the odds by building a solid national reputation that has him as one of the potential dark horse candidates who could vie for support against the main names currently dominating most of the discussion on the Republican side.

Republican Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman, who is pro-life, announced today that health concerns will keep her from making a bid for the governor s position and a source close to Pence told Politico that may be moving the congressman in the direction of mounting a 2012 gubernatorial bid.

He will make a decision in the very near future, the Pence ally said, saying it would likely come within the first couple weeks of January. Full story at

Americans, For First Time, Say ObamaCare Will be Repealed
Americans, for the first time in a Rasmussen poll since Congress approved the abortion-funding ObamaCare bill earlier this year, say they believe it will be repealed.

For the first time since Democrats in Congress passed the controversial government-run health care measure in March, a majority of U.S. voters believe the measure is likely to be repealed. While Americans have strongly opposed the legislation, they didn t think it would be reversed, until now.

The new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey released today finds 52 percent think it is at least somewhat likely that the health care law will be overturned. Thirty-three percent view repeal as unlikely. Those figures include 16 percent who say it is very likely and 5 percent who say it is very unlikely.

The number who view repeal as likely is up from 47% last month and from 38% in early April. Belief that the plan is likely to be repealed has been hovering in the 40% range in surveys since April but began to rise in late October, the polling firm noted. Full story at

Democrats Give Up on Votes for Obama s Pro-Abortion Judges
Democrats have officially given up on seeking votes for four pro-abortion judicial nominees President Barack Obama put forward for lower court positions.
In exchange, they received an agreement from Republicans to allow votes on more than 19 noncontroversial nominees that have not earned opposition from pro-life groups.

Included the four is the highest nominee, Goodwin Liu, a law school dean at University of California Berkeley nominated for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco but whose liberal and pro-abortion views left him with strong Republican opposition.

In addition to Liu, district court nominees Edward Chen, Louis Butler and John McConnell will not receive votes. Liu, Chen and Butler are judicial activists who are supportive of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision responsible for 52 million abortions. Obama nominated Edward Chen for the Northern District of California and Louis Butler for the Western District of Wisconsin. Full story at

Report Shows Catholic Healthcare West Promotes Abortions
by Dr. Michael New
San Francisco-based Catholic Healthcare West is already facing a rebuke from a Catholic bishop over an abortion one of its hospitals did that he says violated Catholic teachings.

Now, a national pro-life organization has released the results of a new research study showing CHW has a longer history of promoting abortions.

Catholic Healthcare West is a system of 41 hospitals and medical centers located in California, Arizona and Nevada that is the eighth largest hospital system in the nation and the largest not-for-profit provider in California.

CHW member St. Joseph s Hospital of Phoenix, Arizona, became the subject of controversy earlier this year when the head of its ethics committee, Sr. Margaret McBride, approved the abortion of an 11-week unborn baby whose mother suffered from pulmonary hypertension.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted investigated the case and, after interviewing Sr. McBride, informed her that she had excommunicated herself by approving the abortion. Full story at

Wichita, Kansas Pro-Lifers Protest Plans for New Abortion Ctrs
Approximately 70 pro-life people gathered in the cold rain over the weekend to protest plans to open a new abortion business in this central Kansas city following the death of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller.

Holding signs that read, Stop Abortion Now! the pro-life advocates lined Harry Street outside the office of physician Mila Means, who has been training at a Kansas City, Kansas, abortion business over the past several months so that she can begin her own abortion practice in Wichita.

Another future abortion practitioner,Gregory Linhardt, has also been training with Means at the Aid for Women abortion facility in Kansas City so he can open up his own abortion center in Wichita. The community has been abortion free for eighteen months since Tiller s family chose to close his abortion center following his shooting death. Full story at

Pro-Life Halo Ultrasound Billboards Head to Cincinnati, Ohio
Billboards featuring a unique ultrasound photo depicting Mary s ultrasound that have become popular across the Internet are now headed to Cincinnati, Ohio. They were recently put up in Wisconsin.

In collaboration with a generous donor and the ChurchAds group that sponsored the image, Cincinnati Right to Life has posted Christmas billboards in five Cincinnati locations, proclaiming a message of hope.

The billboards feature an ultrasound scan of an unborn baby with a halo, and the caption, He Came As a Baby Christmas Starts with Christ.

This simple illustration emphasizes that Jesus Christ came to the world both human and divine, and in so doing, sanctified the birth process for every person. Christmas is the message of Christ s Love for all, no matter our age, race, ability, poverty or wealth, or place or residence, the group told in a statement. Full story at

Alaska Man Charged With Forced Abortion in Attacking Wife
An Alaska man is charged with attempting to make his wife have an abortion when he attacked her with the intent to cause her to have a miscarriage of their unborn child.

Orane A. Green, a 21-year-old Fort Wainwright man, has been charged with the attempted murder of an unborn child and first-degree attempted assault, according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Police reportedly went to the couple s home just before 10 p.m. Tuesday after receiving calls about a domestic violence problem.

Green s wife, who has not been named, told police she and her husband were discussing the state of their marriage and the unborn child when he suddenly punched her in the stomach and threw her down on the floor. Documents police officials filed with the court say Green then tried to squeeze and twist his wife s abdomen in an attempt to cause an abortion and kill the unborn child. Full story at

Washington Board Won t Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists in Rules
The Washington Board of Pharmacy voted on Thursday against changing state rules to allow consideration for pro-life pharmacists and pharmacies that don t want to dispense drugs that could cause abortions.

The board started a rule-making process a few months ago that had it considering amending the anti-conscience regulations to allow providers to refer patients to nearby providers if they have a conscientious objection to dispensing a drug such as the Plan B pill or the morning after pill.

But last week, on a 5-1 vote, the board decided against moving forward.

They looked at the rule and said, We think it s worked fine, said Tim Church, a spokesman for the state Department of Health, according to the Seattle Times. Full story at

Pro-Life News: ObamaCare, Abortion, New Brunswick, Minnesota, Russia
Full story at



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