Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prolifers Crash Two Abortion Christmas Parties; Videos Yanked from YouTube

WASHINGTON, Dec. 23, 2010 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pro-lifers crashed the "holiday" parties of NARAL and DC Abortion Fund to deliver the message that you cannot murder innocent babies in the womb and celebrate Christmas without making a complete mockery of the Christ Child. These are the very same people who would kill the baby Jesus, given some of Mary's circumstances.

Christ said: "Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to ME."

Members of Bound4LIFE in Washington, D.C. symb...

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Is it YouTube's policy to prevent free speech? YouTube allows some of the most disgusting videos, but these two videos ( and were pulled because "content violated YouTube's Terms of Service" and because the apparently violated "YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."

See both videos:

NARAL Disruption:


DC Abortion Fund Disruption:

Statement of Gary Boisclair, Insurrecta Nex DC Chapter

    "The people at NARAL and DC Abortion Fund have celebrated their selfish, deceptive, wicked ideas and called it a holiday party. We at Insurrecta Nex love them too much to fail to tell them the truth.

"These enemies of life and of God's law will have no rest until they repent. We will not cease to publicize the fact that they are murdering babies. People who are determined to support the murder of the most defenseless must listen to the Voice of Truth, the Baby born in Bethlehem." Statement of Andrew Beacham, Insurrecta Nex DC Chapter

    "YouTube has consistently discriminated against the Pro-Life message and objective Truth by censoring Pro-Life videos submitted to their website, including three of our recent submissions. YouTube allows obscene, perverse, and graphic videos to remain on their website, but not our videos which are educational, a documentation of history and newsworthy.

"The D.C. Abortion Fund and LOYL (League Of Young Leaders), NARAL's young professionals group, both threw 'holiday parties' that were fundraisers and were open to the public. Both groups have public pages...and public event pages on Facebook. If anyone wants to see who is supporting, raising money, or attending these events they only need to look the events page up on each groups' Facebook page.

"Dear YouTube, There is no violation of privacy when they make their face and views public. Murder is murder and it does not matter if it happens in public or in private. We will all know who you are eventually. Remember Nuremburg?" Statement of David Lewis, Insurrecta Nex DC Chapter

    "I wanted to let them know that being involved directly or indirectly with the murder of children is a sin against Almighty God and man. What I did was an act of mercy to the people involved financially or otherwise with child killing.

"I am shocked in the cowardice of YouTube. The fact that they would leave pornography and other garbage untouched and would pull our video down is a mockery of truth and justice."


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