Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Wednesday May 2 2012

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

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The Chen Guangcheng story has exploded today. This heroic blind man has caused an international political crisis by causing an international spotlight to be put on both the Chinese and Obama governments for their atrocious negligence regarding China’s vicious forced abortion and sterilization programs.  Get as many friends as possible to Like the Free Chen Guangcheng Facebook page NOW!  This is the time above all for worldwide action.

In Canada, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (a Catholic) seems to have become an increasingly irrational gay rights activist, willing now to go beyond normal political limits to ram through this ideology on all Ontario citizens.

Why is the Ontario Premier so fanatically committed to this deeply corrupting ideology when there are serious, legitimate needs in his nearly bankrupt province? Many are also asking why the Catholic bishops and other religious leaders been so shockingly and consistently absent from the public debates on the issue, or even thinking that they can quietly negotiate with these deceitful totalitarians? We are in very, very strange times.

Steve Jalsevac

Barefoot and blind: how one Chinese peasant exposed China’s abuses to the whole world

Michael Cook Wed May 02 17:08 EST Opinion

Neither the U.S. or China wanted the one-child policy exposed to the glare of the world media. But now it is being discussed around the globe.

Chen says U.S. abandoned him after threats to family forced him out of Embassy: report

Kathleen Gilbert Wed May 02 16:04 EST Abortion

"Nobody from the (US) Embassy is here. I don't understand why. They promised to be here," a distraught Chen said.

UPDATED: Clinton ‘pleased’ at Chen’s departure, but advocates say Chen still calling for help

Kathleen Gilbert Wed May 02 11:36 EST Abortion

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton said officials were pleased to facilitate Chen's departure "in a way that reflected his choices and our values," but advocates say Chen was forced to leave by Chinese officials threatening to harm his wife and child.

New pro-life production company aims to redeem music video genre

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed May 02 16:53 EST Abortion

"Hundreds of millions of young people spend the most formative years of their lives watching music videos which often promote an openly destructive lifestyle," says the group's founder.

Not with a bang… Newt Gingrich formally ends his presidential campaign

Ben Johnson Wed May 02 16:39 EST Politics

“Today I am suspending the campaign, but suspending the campaign does not mean suspending citizenship,” he said.

Video: Dan Savage says the Pope is gay, homosexuals beaten ‘because of religion’

Ben Johnson Wed May 02 12:11 EST Homosexuality

"The Pope is projecting" about the desire to have a same-sex partner, he said.

Ruling forcing Texas to fund Planned Parenthood overturned

Ben Johnson Wed May 02 11:51 EST Abortion

The abortion provider is “not entitled to receive taxpayer subsidies from a government program” designed to “discourage abortion,” the state's attorneys argued.

Gov. Rick Perry.

Georgia Governor signs ban on assisted suicide

Patrick B. Craine Wed May 02 10:05 EST Euthanasia

The bill was put forward after the Georgia Supreme Court threw out the previous law, which only prevented advertising assisted suicide services.

McGuinty Liberals fast track anti-bullying Bill 13, final vote in late May

Patrick B. Craine Wed May 02 17:01 EST Faith

Both the Opposition Progressive Conservatives and the New Democratic Party are upset over the rare move. "This is anti-democratic at its core".

Protests erupt across Ontario against Liberal gvmt ‘anti-bullying’ Bill 13

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed May 02 08:49 EST Family

Protests against the controversial bill erupted across the province on the weekend as more and more become aware of the threat it poses to parental rights and religious freedom.

LifeSiteNews editor to address global pro-life summit in Portugal May 4, 5

The Editors Wed May 02 18:07 EST Abortion

The conference will feature pro-life representatives from countries around the world, and will take place on May 4th and 5th in Lisbon, Portugal.

Protecting unborn children from pain

Teresa Collett Wed May 02 17:51 EST Opinion

Like partial-birth abortion bans, fetal pain laws advance public recognition of the unborn child’s humanity and should be supported.

Colombian Constitutional Court redefines ‘family’ to include homosexual unions

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed May 02 15:40 EST Family

The decree on the definition of a "family" accompanied a verdict by the Court granting retirement benefits to the partner of a lesbian.

Paralysed man ‘wins’ court battle to end life by having respirator removed

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Wed May 02 14:10 EST Euthanasia

Euthanasia campaigners are jubilant today as a landmark high court ruling will allow a man with motor neuron disease to commit suicide.

Pope orders reform of straying Vatican international charities org Caritas Internationalis

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Wed May 02 13:56 EST Abortion

oday, all was smiles for the cameras, but relations between the Holy See and Caritas have been strained for some time.

Young Chinese heroine kidnapped for helping Chen flee: advocate

Kathleen Gilbert Wed May 02 12:54 EST Abortion

He Peirong is a beautiful, petite Chinese woman friends describe as having a "spine of steel" - but who disappeared and may be in the hands of the Chinese officials after helping Chen Guangcheng escape.

LifeSiteNews’ role in the culture war is ‘irreplaceable’: Novelist Michael O’Brien

Patrick B. Craine Wed May 02 12:47 EST Culture of Life

The Father Elijah author told pro-life leaders at LifeSiteNews' 15th anniversary gala that he's "very impressed" by the agency's "dedication to real research."

Brain dead mother delivers twins before dying

Peter Baklinski Wed May 02 15:26 EST Culture of Life