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40 Days for Life: DAY 32: At any time, for any reason

Dear Deacon,

All abortions end the same way -- with the death of
the baby. That's the stark, cold reality. In the rare
occurrence that the baby does survive an abortion,
the procedure is considered "unsuccessful."

Abortion workers may use the condescending, inaccurate
ploy of telling a mother that in the early stages of
pregnancy, the baby is "just a blob of tissue." As the
pregnancy advances, and the child grows and develops,
that lie won't work -- the mother can feel her baby
kicking and moving ... and she starts to "show."

Nevertheless, abortions are legal in the United States
at any time during pregnancy -- for any reason. And
there are abortionists who will perform them ... at
any time, for any reason.


40 Days for Life campaigns are going on right now
outside a number of late-term abortion centers ...
including one in the otherwise peaceful and quaint
Cincinnati suburb of Sharonville. I was able to visit
the vigil location there recently.

I prayed with students outside Martin Haskell's
abortion center  -- one of two he operates in Ohio
(the other is in Dayton, where 40 Days for Life is
also in progress).

Haskell is notorious for having invented the method
commonly known as partial-birth abortion ... which
can even be done at a stage of pregnancy where the
baby could survive outside the womb.

To see the picture from the Sharonville vigil -- and
another photo from my visit to the nearby Cincinnati
campaign -- go to:


I also visited the 40 Days for Life vigil in Mobile
recently -- where 40 Days for Life team members are
excited about the pro-life pregnancy help center
that's right across the street from the Planned
Parenthood abortion facility.

So far during this campaign, volunteers in Mobile
report at least three babies have been saved from

To see the photo of the prayer volunteers in Mobile,
go to:

In more and more communities, people are locating
pro-life resources as close as possible to the
abortion business. If a counselor can point next
door or across the street and say, "Let's go over
here where you can get some assistance," it can be
a major advantage in the battle to save lives.


The 40 Days for Life vigil in Dallas, like the one
in Sharonville, is taking place outside a late-term
abortion facility. Prayer volunteers there were
recently able to offer help to a young woman who was
sitting on the steps of the building -- in tears.

But before she could get up to walk to the counselors,
an abortion center worker walked out the side entrance
and met her first. However, this distraught young
woman turned away from the staff member ... and
responded to the offer of help from the sidewalk,
where a counselor walked with her to the nearby
pregnancy help center.

"She came to the abortion facility without hope," said
one of the volunteers. "With courage she walked away
from this place of despair. She chose life ...
and she is going to have twins!"

To see a picture of the 40 Days for Life vigil in
Dallas, go to:

Today's devotional is from Rev. John Ensor of
Heartbeat International.


As we pray for the end of abortion, let us pray for
the expansion of the pregnancy help center movement


The dragon stood before the woman who was about to
give birth, so that when she bore her child he might
devour it. She gave birth to a male child, one who is
to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her
child was caught up to God and to his throne.

-- Revelation 12:4-5

REFLECTION by Rev. John Ensor, Heartbeat International

You don't need to be a theological scholar to get the
essential point of Revelation 12. Something BIG is
afoot. It has something to do with the birth of Christ
and the children of God.

It involves a war in heaven, with powers and
principalities beyond our expertise. But the battles
are fought here on earth.

The crux of the matter centers around the babe of
Bethlehem and the cross of Calvary.

It continues to unfold down through the ages, through
us, the children of God, who put their faith in Christ
and take up their cross and follow him.

We are waging a war of love against all things that
destroy body and soul.

The intensity waxes and wanes, but like labor pains,
they grow and culminate in new life.

The unleashing of legal abortion nearly 40 years ago
stirred up prayer (lamentation really). Many were then
led to start pregnancy help centers and maternity homes.

Today there are over 3,000 such ministries that did not
exist 40 years ago.

They reflect a movement of God on our watch: Christians
driven to give their time and charity to end abortion
one woman at a time.

Let's pray this movement expands worldwide. Let's pray
for thousands more Christians to start, serve and
support pregnancy help centers.


O God, from generation to generation, you have called
your people to be the very aroma of life amidst a
culture of death. Now it is our turn. Prepare me.
Send me. Use me. I am eager to do my part. Stir your
people everywhere to take up this great work.


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Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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