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The Miracle of Life

Tribulation Times


November 1, 2012  

(Deu 30:19) I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou and thy seed may live: 

VIDEOThe Miracle of Life


Actual image of my newest grandson, Thomas in the womb of my daughter

 Reader: The Empty Chair by Dr. Rebecca Peck, MD, Marquette NFP Instructor 

At a recent Stand Up for Freedom rally, I placed an empty chair by my podium as I spoke to the energized crowd. Perhaps they thought I was referring to Clint Eastwood's skit during the RNC. I explained that I had a story to tell and we travelled back in time to 1965, when a young college student was raped by a man she barely knew. Her doctor was Catholic too and instead of recommending an abortion, he thankfully directed her to Catholic Charities, which found a loving, older couple to adopt the child. The baby grew up with much love, went on to medical school where she met her husband. They now operate a pro-life family practice and are blessed to have 6 beautiful children.

I then asked the crowd to imagine what would happen if this story occurred in the year 2014, when “ObamaCare” was fully implemented. The young woman would probably be strongly encouraged to take one of the morning after pills, provided to her at no cost. If that did not kill the new young life, she would be offered an elective abortion, also free, paid for by insurance premiums of participating members (i.e. us). If somehow the young woman resisted the morning-after pills and the free elective abortion, she would be hard pressed to find a Catholic Charities that was still operating. You see, the HHS mandate by this point would have forced Catholic Charities out of business.

 I then reminded the gathering about the empty chair. If this Culture of Death, which typifies the new health care law was in effect when this young woman was raped, you would be looking at that empty chair, for her story is MY story - the story of my conception. And I asked the crowd how many empty chairs are among us today? How many lives have been extinguished by the horror of abortion? How many husbands would not have their wives, how many children would not have their mothers, how many patients would not have their doctors. Let us not tolerate this Culture of Death any longer. Let us vote to uphold the sanctity of each and every life.

Dr. Rebecca Peck, MD, CCD, ABFM, Marquette NFP Instructor 
Pecks Family Practice, PLC
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Inwardly, religiously, we understand ourselves to be engaged in a cosmic battle between the forces of life and love on the one hand, and death and destruction on the other.  Jesus has rescued us from death.  Now our mission is to “make a return,” by fostering a culture of life and building a civilization of love.  That’s the over-arching purpose of our lives; we strive to make it the theme of all our individual acts.

The first principle of that program, laid down by St. Augustine (and Hippocrates before him), is “Do no harm.”  We can’t do good by committing evil. No matter how noble our goal, it’s not okay to hurt persons as a means of achieving it.  We can’t collude with wrong; we can’t subsidize the objectification of women and other injuries to the dignity of persons; we can’t facilitate the killing of innocents; we can’t betray our central vocation.

When the federal government uses the force of law to mandate that Catholic institutions and businesses provide birth control and sterilizations and abortifacient drugs to their employees, it is, in effect, seeking to conscript the Church into the service of the culture of death as a condition of our participation in society. It is no side issue.  It is no glancing blow.  It is a stake aimed at the very heart of Catholic life.

If we are serious about our mission and identity as Catholics, we must stand against this evil much more forcefully than we have up to now.  The time is very short.

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Thoughts and Sayings of Saint Margaret Mary: Love of God

13. Why do we not burn with the divine fire which He has come to enkindle on earth! We ought ot be consumed therein. To love and be consumed by this sacred fire will be my constant endeavor.

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