Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Wednesday Oct 31 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Today’s blog posts:

Eric Holder’s wife co-owns abortion clinic building run by indicted abortionist - Jill Stanek
Mask off: Canadians now warning Americans about threat of gay ‘marriage’ - Bradlee Dean
How should a Catholic vote? - Brendan O’Morchoe
Student defies Christian college administration and shows reality of abortion - Jill Stanek

Top human rights activist: U.S. State Department ‘botched’ Chen Guangcheng’s escape

Peter Baklinski Wed Oct 31 18:24 EST Abortion

“The State Department likes to say now that they played some kind of a heroic role,” said Littlejohn. “I would dispute that characterization of their actions.”

Joe Biden, Catholics for Choice and the art of speaking Catholic nonsense

Deal W. Hudson and Keith A Fournier Wed Oct 31 10:39 EST Opinion

With Election Day a week away, it's no surprise that Obama's Catholics are engaging in the art of speaking Catholic nonsense.

From death’s door to leading the fight against China’s one-child policy

Peter Baklinski Wed Oct 31 08:50 EST Abortion

A decade and a half ago Littlejohn was a highly successful litigation attorney. And then came the staph infection that nearly took her life.

Eric Holder tied to abortionist accused of malpractice, patient’s death, and Medicaid fraud

Ben Johnson Wed Oct 31 18:22 EST Abortion

“Now we understand why Eric Holder is so bent on wrongfully prosecuting peaceful pro-life advocates,” Dana Cody, executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, told

Tyrone C. Malloy is no stranger to the law.

Bishop: vote for pro-abortion Obama ‘stretches the imagination’

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Oct 31 16:43 EST Abortion

"To my mind, it stretches the imagination, especially when there is another option," the bishop said.

Abortion worker fondled patients under anesthesia, exposed herself: lawsuit

The Editors Wed Oct 31 13:29 EST Abortion

Binnington's suit claims that she repeatedly reported the abuses to another supervisor, but that nothing was ever done to remedy the situations.

Joe Biden says he and Obama ‘share the values of the Catholics’ in new ad

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Oct 31 13:09 EST Abortion

"I'm here to tell you that President Obama shares those values," Biden states.

American Nurses Association issues draft statement opposing assisted suicide/euthanasia

Johanna Dasteel Wed Oct 31 11:23 EST Euthanasia

The document asserts that assisted suicide and euthanasia “violate the social contract the professions have with society.”

Canadian Catholic high school sending 52 students to help Obama campaign in Ohio

John Jalsevac Wed Oct 31 17:05 EST Abortion

While the school board denied that the trip was to support Obama, one student said that the teacher organizing the trip left no room for doubt.

Why homosexual ‘marriage’ signals the end of heterosexual rights

Greg Quinlan Wed Oct 31 18:58 EST Opinion

Homofascism will soon be, if it is not already, the greatest threat to our individual liberties in this country. So-called equality marriage is just the beginning.

I had a dream

Donald DeMarco, Ph.D. Wed Oct 31 11:55 EST Opinion

I was trapped in an elevator with none other than President Barack Obama.

Palliative care association reluctantly reviews UK death pathway; pro-lifers skeptical

Hilary White Wed Oct 31 11:41 EST Bioethics

A public outcry is growing after news media have revealed that doctors are using the LCP as a method of passive euthanasia, in some cases for financial reasons.

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