Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reason #45 to Defeat Barack Obama: The White House knows . . .


Reason #45 to Defeat Barack Obama: The White House knows...


The White House knows that an unborn baby is a human being.
The problem is, its chief occupant denies it. 
White House security needs to know information about all potential visitors months ahead of their visit.  That enables them to do background checks and manage who enters the executive mansion. 
As part of their security procedure, applicants for visitors’ passes to the White House are asked to list all family members who will be visiting, including children and unborn babies who would be born by the time of the visit. 
According to a story in the ABC News on-line edition May 9th, here’s how it works:  Months ahead of a visit to the White House, you tell security who will be accompanying you.  If you show up with an additional person, even if it’s a newborn baby who you didn’t list in your earlier application, your application will be considered incomplete and you could be delayed in entering the White House.
To avoid that problem, if a woman is pregnant and her baby might be born and accompanying her when she visits the White House months later, she is asked to write the word “Baby” and then the family’s last name on the application, and then update the information with the newborn’s name when the baby is born.
There are many such examples in law and custom in our country, instances where we recognize the humanity of an unborn child, but where abortion advocates pretend otherwise.  Assaults against a pregnant woman in which the unborn child is harmed can be prosecuted as crimes against both the woman and the baby in most states.  In the federal SCHIP program, an unborn child is recognized as a “child” for coverage purposes, and this makes the pregnant mother eligible for services as well.  Neonatal surgeons can operate to correct health problems in unborn children, meaning the unborn baby is the patient every bit as much as the mother. 
Yet, with all these reasons to recognize the unborn child as a member of the human family, abortion advocates tie themselves in knots to deny that fact.  They call an unborn baby a “pregnancy” or “product of conception.”  They say the baby is “part of the mother,” even though differences in blood type and DNA make this assertion biologically impossible.  They claim the constitution includes a right to kill the “fetus,” even though it clearly doesn’t.
Barack Obama is guilty of this line of thinking.  As he sits in his White House office, denying the humanity of the unborn, his security people at the White House gates don’t have that luxury:  They have to deal in reality.  And the reality is that a human being growing in his or her mother’s womb is exactly that:  a human being. 
An ideologue who would deny the plain facts for his own ideological reasons should not be the leader of a compassionate people.  Barack Obama has to go. 
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Carol Tobias,

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