Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reason # 49 to Defeat Barack Obama: Pink slips . . . and black slips?


Reason # 49 to Defeat Barack Obama: 
Pink slips . . . and black slips?


This week, as many as two million American workers are supposed to receive notice that their jobs will be ending – notices that are sometimes called “pink slips.” 
The massive layoffs are scheduled to hit workers for defense and other federal contractors whose payments from Uncle Sam will end or be sharply cut January 2nd under the joint Obama/Congressional budget plan called “sequestration.”
Another federal law, called the WARN Act, guarantees workers the right to know 60 days ahead of wide-scale layoffs so they can plan to get other jobs or training.  But, as you’ve probably heard, the Obama Administration has recommended that employers ignore that law and not issue the pink slips 60 days before the layoffs as required.  You see, 60 days before January 2nd would be the end of this week . . . just days before the general election. 
And nobody thinks Barack Obama wants upwards of two million workers getting pink slips just days before they and their families head to the polls. 
There are other Americans who we think deserve notice before they’re hit with the life-changing effects of other Obama policies, and we’re trying to think of a memorable name for those notices. 
For example: 
What notice do you give someone who is going to die because under Obamacare they are not going to get the treatment they need to live? 
What notice do you give a nation whose children are going to die because the U.S. government is giving foreign aid money not for the nation’s humanitarian needs, but to abortion advocates who use it to lobby for laws that kill their children. 
And if you had the chance, what message could you give to an unborn child who will never have a childhood, a family, a life among us because of Obama policies that encouraged the child to be aborted.
It understates the gravity of the issue and the sheer human loss to call such notices, if they existed, “black slips.”  But I can’t think of a phrase that better reflects these somber occurrences.
Sadly, just as Obama refuses to follow the law on sequestration pink slips, he surely won’t give Americans the warning they deserve that Obamacare will threaten the lives of their loved ones, that Obama’s abortion policies threaten the unborn. 
The best response to these tragedies is for all of us to give Barack Obama a collective pink slip on November 6th.  The pro-life team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan we elect will fight to protect the unborn and medically vulnerable patients . . . and they’ll level with us about it.
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Working together – you and the National Right to Life Victory Fund – we can win next Tuesday and elect officials who will respect and protect life, not destroy it.

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life


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