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Reason # 48 to Defeat Barack Obama: The “Plan”


The National Right to Life Victory Fund is publishing this series of 54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama to commemorate the 54 million innocent unborn babies who have lost their lives to abortion in the United States since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision Barack Obama supports.  Other reasons in this series can be found at

Reason # 48 to Defeat Barack Obama:  The “Plan”


On the campaign stump looking to change the growing momentum for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Barack Obama can be seen waving a shiny blue brochure.  This booklet supposedly contains a “plan” for Obama’s policies in his second term, if he wins one. 
Focus groups were showing undecided voters frustrated that Obama didn’t seem to have any plans to change the negative trajectory of the economy and of America’s standing in the world.  “Why should we give him a second term,” they were saying, “if he isn’t going to do anything to make things better?”
So his campaign whipped up a “plan,” put it in a fancy-looking glossy booklet, and mailed it to millions of American homes.  The fact that the “plan” is full of generalities promising more things like 2008’s “Hope” and “Change” probably will not be lost on voters this time.  They know that Hope didn’t work last time and most of the Change was for the worse. 
If Obama’s plans for the economy and foreign policy are still unclear even after publishing his fancy “Plan” booklet, his plans for unborn children and the medically vulnerable elderly and disabled have been crystal clear for years. 
The next four years of an Obama presidency would offer: 
  1. Continued or increased taxpayer funding of overseas abortion advocates through U.S. Agency for International Development grants and through U.S. funding of the United Nations Population Fund.
  2. Appointment of more pro-abortion federal judges and, if there are vacancies, U.S. Supreme Court justices. 
  3. An expansion of the number of people whose health insurance covers abortion, with the insurance plans themselves subsidized by your and my tax dollars. 
  4. Rationing of needed life-saving medical treatment through Obamacare.  This would affect four groups in particular:  the elderly; disabled persons; and two groups not discussed much until now – the chronically ill and even potentially those who have acute, but temporary illnesses, but who might be denied care under the so-called “quality” and “efficiency” treatment limitation standards Obamacare will authorize federal bureaucrats to impose. 
  5. More aggressive action by the State Department to promote the doctrine that other countries should legalize abortion and provide it to at least some of their citizens at public expense.
We know the plan.  If we let Obama win, we’ll have no excuse that we didn’t know how radical his policies would become.  Obama has led the way in abortion extremism since his days as a rookie state Senator in Illinois.  So, unlike his economic and foreign policy “plans,” we know exactly where he’s going on the life issues. 
His policies will have more Americans, born and unborn, dying needlessly and suffering tragically. 
But you and I still have time to prevent that.  The race between Obama and pro-life Mitt Romney is so close that who leads in the key swing states depends on which set of polls you believe more accurately reflect what the electorate will look like a week from Tuesday.  One group of polls has Romney with an edge in the swing states that will decide the election; another group of polls gives a slight edge there to Obama.  One thing that is consistent is that most polls show Romney leading nationally, although by a small margin. 
That‘s why your help is still needed to help us make those final contacts to voters in the closing days.  Please support the National Right to Life Victory Fund with a generous donation today and please share this important e-mail with all your pro-life friends, especially those who might still be undecided about how they’re going to vote. 
We need everyone’s help in these crucial nine remaining days.  Please encourage your pro-life friends to vote for Romney/Ryan and please help us get the word out with your generous gift today!  Thank you!

Carol Tobias,

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