Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Challenging Pro-Abortion catholics


Oh Saratoga! 

In 2005 we included a sidewalk witness outside Catholic Charities offices in Albany and Schenectady. It had come to our knowledge that Catholic Charities had hosted Planned Parenthood literature on its racks and routinely referred clients to this godless agency. This practice continued despite phone calls and letters, citing particular incidents, to the office of Albany Bishop Howard Hubbard and to the CEO of Albany Catholic Charities, Sr. Maureen Joyce. Stonewalling was the order of the day. The only response we received was to be evicted by pastor Fr. Michael Hogan from having our Thursday and Saturday Masses at St. John the Baptist Church, Schenectady's oldest Catholic parish, about 200 yards from Planned Parenthood.

Except for those few days that Oh Saratoga! brings the Word of God to the streets, the Culture of Death prevails in Fr. Walworth's old neighborhood. But as the Battle of Saratoga was the turning point in America's struggle for independence, with God's grace we will bring the battle to the doorsteps of the Culture of Death. It is beneath our dignity as Christians to lobby the government, begging crumbs from politicians' tables, making them think they have the power to determine infants' lives and deaths. The battle must first be won in the streets.

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