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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Three vital issues that were ignored at Monday's presidential debate

Ben Johnson Tue Oct 23 18:06 EST Abortion

Bob Schieffer did not ask about U.S. funding for abortion around the world, China's one-child policy, or the wisdom of holding gay pride rallies in Pakistan.

Billy Graham takes rare dip into politics, praises Romney’s ‘strong moral convictions’

Johanna Dasteel Tue Oct 23 16:56 EST Abortion

After thirty-eight years and ten presidential elections, Billy Graham has broken his policy of staying out of politics.

Mitt Romney meets with Billy Graham and his son Franklin and

Romney’s final debate vow: I'd 'get rid of' ObamaCare 'from day one'

Ben Johnson Tue Oct 23 08:53 EST Politics

Romney pledged to increase military spending by ending the abortion-funding measure.

Swing state women rank abortion as top issue in 2012 race: Gallup poll

Kirsten Andersen Tue Oct 23 16:18 EST Abortion

Thirty-nine percent identified abortion as their top issue – far higher than the next most popular issue, jobs.

UCLA researchers link IVF to increased birth defect risk

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Oct 23 14:34 EST Bioethics

Overall, the odds of infants conceived through IVF having birth defects were 1.25 times greater than those of naturally conceived infants.

Canadian MP to mainstream media: abortion is ‘butchery’ and ‘savagery’

John-Henry Westen Tue Oct 23 17:24 EST Abortion

Maurice Vellacott is defending his decision to award Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals to two jailed pro-life activists.

Thousands join 75 ‘flash mobs’ in defense of traditional marriage in France

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Tue Oct 23 17:50 EST Homosexuality

France's socialist government has announced plans to legalize gay "marriage" in the new year.

Polish govt. will pay for test tube babies, despite pressure from Catholic bishops

Peter Baklinski Tue Oct 23 15:51 EST Bioethics

The country’s Catholic bishops have threatened to excommunicate politicians who publicly support IVF.

EU appointed Italian gov’t tries to strip Catholic Church’s property tax exemption

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Oct 23 13:49 EST Faith

The amendment hit a speed bump after it was overturned October 10th by the Council of State, Italy’s highest-ranking court for administrative litigation.

No more lies: New Irish video shows that abortion never saves a mother’s life

Niamh Ui Bhriain Tue Oct 23 12:18 EST Opinion

That good news has been confirmed by medical experts, and is borne out by Ireland's experience in maternal healthcare.

Televised presidential debates have harmed America

Phil Lawler Tue Oct 23 11:54 EST Opinion

As a student I was a competitive debater; later I coached debate teams and judged contests. Let me tell you, folks: What I saw last night was not a debate.

Pro-life world debating Nobel Prize for adult stem cell breakthrough

Hilary White Tue Oct 23 11:20 EST Bioethics

Pro-life advocates are not all agreed on the awarding of the Nobel Prize for medicine to Dr. Shinya Yamanaka.

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