Thursday, October 25, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Thursday Oct 25 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

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The upcoming Nov. 6 American election will naturally be the dominant issue in LifeSiteNews reporting over the next few weeks. We hope our international and Canadian readers will understand the need for this emphasis since its outcome will also have a large impact on the rest of the world - one way or another.

Obama: ‘Roe v. Wade is probably hanging in the balance’ in this election

John Jalsevac Thu Oct 25 16:37 EST Abortion

Obama pointed out that whoever is elected as president on November 6 may be given the chance to appoint two new Supreme Court justices.

Obama claims Planned Parenthood performs mammograms…again

John Jalsevac Thu Oct 25 14:01 EST Abortion

Abby Johnson is organizing the second "Call Planned Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram" day tomorrow.

Rep. Akin was arrested four times for pro-life protests: details emerge

Kirsten Andersen Thu Oct 25 12:28 EST Abortion

"As I've made very clear I don't apologize for being pro-life. I stand up for the things I believe in," Akin told reporters about his arrest.

Terrorism charges for Family Research Council shooting suspect

John Jalsevac Thu Oct 25 17:56 EST Homosexuality

Gay activist Floyd Corkins reportedly said “I don't like your politics,” before opening fire.

Video: Congressman says NARAL’s support for late-term abortions is 'disgusting'

Kirsten Andersen Thu Oct 25 16:42 EST Abortion

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-WI, called NARAL Pro-Choice America "the most radical pro-abortion group in the country."

Study finds postponing sex leads to higher 'relationship satisfaction'

Peter Baklinski Thu Oct 25 15:12 EST Family

Females who “experienced early first sex” had “reduced” odds of ever marrying.

Federal courts force Indiana, Arizona to keep funding Planned Parenthood

Kirsten Andersen Thu Oct 25 14:51 EST Abortion

“The will of Indiana taxpayers to close loopholes so that their money isn’t used to fund the operations of abortion sellers should be respected," said Steven Aden of the ADF.

NY Court of Appeals slams the door on challenge to same-sex 'marriage' law

Kirsten Andersen Thu Oct 25 14:26 EST Freedom

"Every time the people had the chance to vote on the issue of marriage, they view it one way, but when it comes before rogue legislatures or the courts, they view it differently," the plaintiff said.

Parents sue doctors for declaring 8 year-old ‘dead’ despite life signs

Peter Baklinski Thu Oct 25 12:58 EST Euthanasia

“You didn’t have to be a doctor to see that the heart was pumping blood,” the boy’s father, Pink Dorsey, said at a news conference last week.

'Catholic' university hosts pro-abortion theologian who compares Mass to gay sex

Cardinal Newman Society Thu Oct 25 12:21 EST Abortion

The University of San Diego welcomes Tina Beattie to campus.

German politician blasts 'state education monopoly,' speaks out for homeschooling

Peter Baklinski Thu Oct 25 15:56 EST Family

A high ranking political figure said homeschooling is "a healthy response to an imperious school system."

Norbert Blum.

UK mother fails in Court of Appeal bid to halt her children’s adoption by homosexuals

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Oct 25 15:43 EST Homosexuality

Lawyers say the birth mother now attends Alcoholics Anonymous, is now alcohol-free, and has severed her relationship with the children's alcoholic father.

Children’s referendum grants the State power to seize children to serve new ideology: experts

Hilary White Thu Oct 25 13:48 EST Family

The Children's Rights Referendum is “a beachhead by the state into what has traditionally been the preserve of the rights of parents in the upbringing of their children”.

Peter Singer: Abortion is justified for population control

Dave Andrusko Thu Oct 25 13:35 EST Opinion

"He is clearly motivated by compassion, and the desire to make the world a better place," the Scientific American claims.

10 questions 'pro-choice' candidates are never asked by the media

Cathy Cleaver Ruse Thu Oct 25 12:56 EST Abortion

"If you do not believe that human life begins at conception, when do you believe it begins?" and nine others you'll never hear on television.

Celebrate these pro-life Diamond Jubilee jailbirds

Andrea Mrozek Thu Oct 25 11:09 EST Opinion

It is hard to drink Champagne in handcuffs. However, this week at least two pro-life Canadians are going to try.

Senate candidates say ‘life begins at birth’: don’t expect the science police to call them out

Calvin Freiburger Thu Oct 25 10:59 EST Opinion

Hey, they’re off by only about nine months.

The amazing impact of pro-life cinematography

Christina Martin Thu Oct 25 10:49 EST Opinion

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what can a film potentially communicate?

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