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Reason #44 to Defeat Barack Obama: Because it’s winnable with your help!


The National Right to Life Victory Fund is running this series of 54 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama to commemorate the 54 million unborn children who have lost their lives to abortion since the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision that Barack Obama supports.  Previous articles in this series can be found at

Reason #44 to Defeat Barack Obama:
Because it’s winnable with your help!


Monday’s polls show we’re in the closing stages of an historically close race.  Pro-life candidate Mitt Romney has a very narrow lead nationally in the average of recent polls posted at, the resource most political observers look to for an accurate snapshot of where a race stands. 
Perhaps more important, recent polls seem to show Romney gaining in the Midwest and West, homes to several of the all-important swing states.  This same momentum has already given him new and growing leads in some of the Southern swing states. 
So the election is definitely winnable.  But it remains extraordinarily tight.  We could see any combination of outcomes:  Either Romney or Obama could win both the popular vote and the electoral college; Romney could win the popular vote and lose the electoral college; or vise-versa. 
The tightness of this race calls for every pro-life American to take a stand for the unborn.  And the National Right to Life Victory Fund has ways you can convert your conviction that the unborn have a right to life into meaningful, effective action.
Of the many projects the NRL Victory Fund has conducted to boost the pro-life vote in this election, time still remains for some projects to be expanded in these critical last two weeks before election day – that is, IF we have the funds.  They include: 
  1. Radio ads.  With your help, we can still buy additional persuasive radio ads to help Mitt Romney and pro-life candidates for U.S. Senate and House in key states and districts all around the country.  Donations received until the middle of next week can be used to buy radio ads before time effectively runs out before the election.  See the chart at the end to see how many radio ads your donation can buy!
  2. Get-out-the-vote phone calls.  We make millions of these calls in a typical election and we can buy more get-out-the-vote phone calls right up until the day before the election if we receive your gift by then!
  3. Internet ads.  These ads, which pro-lifers can forward to friends around the country, can also be purchased right up until the day before the election. 
Even gifts that come in by mail after the election will be used to pay for printing expenses for pro-life campaign literature that we printed and mailed before the election.  But what I’m talking about today are ADDITIONAL ads and phone calls that you can personally help us buy with your generous support.  We budget tightly and spend everything we can to win these life-and-death elections.  That means what income we bring in in the last weeks of the campaign can be used to buy EXTRA ads that could help put a pro-life candidate over the top. 
So please consider helping the National Right to Life Victory Fund at any of these levels:
A gift of $25 can buy a radio ad in some markets, OR it can buy about 700 get-out-the-vote phone calls, OR 1 internet ad.
If you can give $50, you can help us buy 2 radio ads, OR 1,400 get-out-the-vote phone calls, OR 2 internet ads
$100 buys up to 4 radio ads, 2,800 get-out-the-vote phone calls, or 5 internet ads.
$500 could buy 20 radio ads, more than 14,000 get-out-the-vote phone calls, or 25 internet ads.
And a gift of $1,000 can help us place 40 radio ads, more than 28,000 get-out-the-vote phone calls, or 50 internet ads.
Donations above $1,000 can be accepted, as well.  The National Right to Life Victory Fund is our independent expenditure PAC, so it can take donations in unlimited amounts and it can also take donations from corporations.  So if you or your business would like to help us buy even more radio or internet ads, or make even more calls into key swing states to get out the vote, there is almost no limit to what a major gift can do.
The fate of future unborn demands that we win this election and end the anti-life policies of the Obama Administration.  The race is so close that the activity level of committed people on both sides in the next two weeks will likely determine the outcome. 
Please choose one of the levels above and make a donation to help us run more ads, make more calls, and win more elections on November 6th.  And please share this message with your friends and relatives around the country who want the same outcome as you do:  protection for the lives of innocent unborn children, and an end to the killing.
Thank you and God bless!

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life


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