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FROM LIVE ACTION: Be countercultural: have babies

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Pro-choice woman describes RU-486 abortion ordeal

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A fabulous piece of writing from The Federalist recently hit home with me. “Fecundophobia: The Growing Fear of Children and Fertile Women” is more than the title of the article; it’s also the theme of the first 20-something years of my life.
I am here to tell you that fecundophobia is pervasive. I have witnessed and participated in it for most of my life.
Here’s the thing: I wanted kids from the time I was pretty young. But I wouldn’t admit it – certainly not to others, and almost not even to myself. Read more…

Popular Mars Hill pastor: Abortion is not a choice; it’s murder

Last week, Live Action highlighted a bold op-ed by Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Driscoll, writing for Fox News, discussed the illogical state of laws in the U.S., where unborn children are protected from being killed by everyone but their mothers. Driscoll painted a picture of just how many people we are missing because of abortion – 55 million in the U.S. alone. Read more…
Pro-choice constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz says abortion rights isn’t in the U.S. Constitution
Alan Dershowitz is not only one of the country’s most prolific legal commentators, he’s also one of the few to gain fans on both sides of the aisle. That’s because, despite being a self-professed liberal, Dershowitz exercises greater objectivity than most of his ideological brethren. And he recently displayed that objectivity on CNBC. Read more…
An open letter to the 9,999 who don’t adopt the FL orphan needing a family
To the other 9,999 who expressed interest in adopting Davion Navar Henry Only, the 15-year-old orphan who went to church to plead for a family and left without one: According to ABC News, you flooded the phone lines and the e-mail until the adoption agency in charge of Davion’s case was “overwhelmed” and nearly crashed from the traffic. And hundreds of you reportedly said you wanted to get information about adopting other children, so maybe I’m writing to only 9,499 of you. Read more…
More evidence that Planned Parenthood deliberately leads kids to sexual ruin for its own profit
The classic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” gave us one of pop culture’s most memorable plot twists, in which a seemingly benevolent alien race comes to Earth promising to make hunger and war obsolete. They leave behind the titular book, which translators realize too late isn’t about serving mankind’s needs at all – “it’s a cookbook!”

Planned Parenthood’s name contains a similarly malevolent double-meaning. The sales pitch may be helping people avoid parenthood until they’re ready, by their real plan is to encourage as many unwanted parenthoods as possible, to keep demand for their services flowing. Read more…

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