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National Right to Life News This Week 10/27/13

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"Miracle Baby' born 39 days after his mother's water breaks

Gideon Whitchurch
By Dave Andrusko The outcome represents one of those really feel-good stories. Rachel Whitchurch's water broke at 28 weeks. When this had happened with her older child (when she was at 35 weeks), she was told it was a "fluke."

13 Reasons Why Life Is Beautiful

From its very beginning, life has value. Here are just a few reasons why life is so beautiful! 1. Smiles. 2. Even before we were born. 3. Learning from one another. 4. Overcoming challenges. 5. Friendship. 6. Hugs. 7. Laughter.

The Christening of Prince George and the infinite value of all babies

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Baby bliss filled my office on Wednesday, as two co-workers joined me in catching a glimpse of streaming video of the arrival of Great Britain's Prince George at his christening.

Poll finds 60% believe implementation of ObamaCare has been a "joke"

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama
By Dave Andrusko It's not the only way, but one very useful way of understanding how the public feels about a given subject is to give them polar opposite alternatives to choose from.

Wet Seal gets "#KarriedAway" with its new model–who has Down syndrome

By Susan Michelle Tyrell Karrie is a 17-year-old model for Wet Seal. And she has Down syndrome. Karrie's mom, Sue Brown, tells xojane the story of her daughter who reminds us that Down syndrome isn't a disease

Minnesota man argues fetal homicide was not a homicide but an "abortion"

Roger Earl Holland
By Dave Andrusko According to a criminal complaint, Roger Holland stands accused of strangling his pregnant wife at their town house and trying to make it look like Margorie Holland died when she accidentally fell down a staircase.

No Greater Love

The following was adapted from a speech given by Celeste Hufford, Birthright of Woodbridge Co-Director, at a fundraiser held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Virginia.

Generous pro-lifers donating vehicles to "Autos for Life"

By David N. O'Steen, Jr. You may have noticed that the department stores have already moved from advertising for Halloween to advertising for Christmas. This is a reminder that we are already in mid-October with the end of the year

"Obamacare's problems go much deeper than the Web site"

Executives from four contractors came before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday to try to reconcile what they said as recently as September about the health insurance exchanges—everything was hunky dory and on track—and the fiasco of the last three+ weeks.
By Dave Andrusko Pick you metaphor, although rats abandoning the sinking ship is the one that comes immediately to mind but should probably be rejected. Since October 1 every day has brought another series of embarrassing revelations about the rollout

The Right to Life: the foundational issue

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadephia
By Dave Andrusko It's not a secret to anyone who reads NRL News Today that I am a huge admirer of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

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By Dave Andrusko There are an awful lot of people who see National Right to Life News Today stories because Google News includes most of them when it aggregates and groups similar stories together.

A Small Band of Rememberers

By Dave Andrusko As part of our year-long "Roe at 40" series, we're reprinting stories that have appeared going back to 1973 in National Right to Life News. This account appeared in the September 1999, edition.
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