Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8th time a charm?

hhs mandate
Dear CV Friend,

The Obama administration just won’t give up.

Having lost in the Supreme Court, they have announced yet another (8th!) revision to the HHS mandate.

Under their proposed ‘new’ rule, if a non-profit charity like the Little Sisters of the Poor or Notre Dame has a religious or moral objection to paying for abortion drugs, the federal government will force their insurance plan administrator or traditional insurance company to pay for those abortion drugs -- and then reimburse them! 

The worst part is the government will directly use the coverage offered by the objecting (often Catholic) employer to contact every employee to let them know that abortion drugs are available to them at no cost.

Bottom line: Catholic employers are bootstrapped into partnering with the federal government to make sure their employees have access to FREE abortion drugs.

What part of LEAVE US ALONE do they not understand?

Catholic social service agencies do not want to participate any way whatsoever in the provision of child-killing medicines. Yet the new rules merely create a phony diversion. The Little Sisters would be required to inform the federal government they object -- so the federal government can step in and provide the abortion drugs anyway.

And what if the objecting corporations or non-profits refuse to comply?

Up to $36,500 in fines, per year, for every employee!

And President Obama and his allies think this is just fine.

So here’s the deal: the lawsuits will continue (including ours). The Obama administration will keep revising and revising this rule -- to get around court decisions. And religious liberty will be on the run UNTIL OBAMACARE IS FULLY REPEALED.

This is why has called for the full repeal of Obamacare from the beginning. There is no real ‘fix’ that will solve this attack on religious freedom or any other problems associated with the law until it is wiped from the books.

You don’t need to ‘fix’ the First Amendment.

So what’s next? With your help we will continue the fight in the courts, while doing everything possible at the ballot box to enable us to end the nightmare of Obamacare.

Next stop: November 4.

P.S. The same “accommodation” proposed for non-profits is also being floated for for-profit corporations like Autocam and Hobby Lobby. The Obama Adminstration is not giving up. And neither are we.

Help us continue our fight in the courts to protect religious liberty for all.