Friday, August 29, 2014

Heroic News: “Being open to life, whatever it looks like” plus 3 more

"Perhaps you know what that wait is like; that indefinite wait for the rest of your family to start being. Maybe you’ve watched the months pass on the calendar as you tried for a first or second child, measuring your life in nine month increments that always plan for the possibility, but haven’t reached the reality of that little one in your arms. Five years, I waited for something to happen. "
The couple, who were married on June 21 this year, shared adorable pictures from their recent pregnancy photo shoot about their baby announcement through Instagram.
Pornographers in California's nefarious billion dollar smut industry are taking a cold shower. The "Free Speech Coalition," the porn industry's trade group, has called for a halt to all to productions after one performer tested positive for HIV.
"I could have entitled this blog post “The Day My 7-Year-Old Discovered Porn on His iPod” but it might look like I’m trying to one-up that other Mom. Which I’m not. Because, trust me, this is one Mom competition I’d rather lose."