Friday, August 22, 2014

Heroic News: “Choosing to be open to life: On having more kids” plus 6 more

Just after you have a baby people ask all sorts of interesting questions. Questions about pooping and labor and the details of breastfeeding. By and large, however, one of the most common questions I field is, “So, are you guys going to have more kids?”
While the accommodations may satisfy some employers, others are likely to continue court challenges to the contraception mandate on the grounds that it violated their First Amendment religious rights, according to several lawyers.

"You made your point about the ubiquity of Down syndrome abortion in order to defend a terrible assertion. You suggested on Twitter, Dr. Dawkins, a moral imperative to abort children conceived with Down Syndrome. You said that if a woman had the choice to abort such a child, and she failed to so, she would have acted immorally. I’m troubled by that, and, very honestly, I’m confused."
Pope Francis has called the family of U.S. journalist James Foley, who was beheaded by ISIS militants earlier this week, a Vatican spokesman has confirmed.
Republican Senate hopeful Cory Gardner's opposition to abortion rights "is way too extreme for Colorado," women voters say in ads Senate Democrats' campaign arm began running Thursday, which is deeply ironic considering opponent Mark Udall's ads feature a young girl being used as a tool for so-called abortion "rights."
A 23% jump in the teen birthrate between 1986 and 1991 prompted a flurry of public and private initiatives to promote abstinence and the use of birth control, and they're working, the CDC researchers wrote. No mention of the glaringly obvious elephant in the room: abortion.