Friday, August 15, 2014

From Mary's Shelter: Our 5th Home - Finally a Reality!

Thanks to the generous support of YOU, our donors, we are thrilled to announce that TODAY, Friday, August 15th, our 5th home opens in Fredericksburg. This new home means that we can offer assistance to even more mothers facing crisis pregnancies.  We are grateful to the team at Lifepoint Church, who installed a backyard swing set, as well as Mr. Otis Light, who worked so hard to get the inside of our new home ready for the new women and children.  Our new residents can now walk into a welcoming, beautiful space!
This new home will be dedicated to the memory of Sarah and Cecelia Harkins.  Sarah was a loving and generous supporter of Mary's Shelter who, along with her unborn baby Cecelia, passed away tragically last month.  We will keep you posted about the details of the house blessing and dedication.

Mary's Shelter, 309 Hawke Street, Fredericksburg VA 22401