Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just imagine…before election time…

The Shocking Horror of a LIVE ABORTION
will now be broadcast on LARGE TV SCREENS
Dear Pro-Life Friend,
If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it.
But one day, when we first used the big huge "JumboTron" TV screen -- the kind you see at professional sports stadiums and major concerts -- to broadcast the horrible TRUTH about abortion to the crowds...

The huge crowds just stood there and watched. Their jaws dropped. I saw tears run down the faces of many people as I glanced around.
When the video was finished, you could just "feel" the impact it had.
There was a hushed silence, and then you could hear murmuring as people tried to explain to themselves and each other what they had just seen...
All the gory parts. All the blood. All the trauma. And especially... the little baby's body parts -- including the head -- pulled and ripped apart and callously removed from the mother's womb.
There was no mistaking it. This was a homicide. That was a BABY. And the crowd of onlookers finally knew what the word "abortion" really means.
No longer could they be "swayed" by double-talk of "women's freedom" and "a woman's choice"!
Not anymore!
This was in a public square -- with a HUGE crowd of people watching.
For once -- finally! -- average Americans got to SEE what abortion really is.
As the saying goes...
"Americans won't STOP abortion until Americans SEE abortion."
And that's what we're doing.
We're SHOWING ABORTION to the American people through the use of the amazingly powerful "JumboTron" TV screens -- those HUGE impossible-to-ignore live-action video screens that are used nationwide these days.
We have a long history of success with this kind of pro-life work.
We not only "Show The Truth" about abortion with things like Truth Trucks that drive across the country with BIG graphic posters on them -- as "mobile billboards" -- but we also go directly onto COLLEGE CAMPUSES with our powerful (and professional) displays and literature...
...calmly yet methodically spreading the horrible truth about abortion to as many young people as we can reach.
We know that if college students these days SEE THE TRUTH about abortion, they are FAR less likely to GET an abortion. That's a fact.
And the ones who've had abortions are able to get the HEALING and FORGIVENESS they so desperately need, directly through our outreach.
But the most powerful thing we've ever done is our "JumboTron" Project -- where we rent these big huge TV screens and set them up in the PUBLIC SQUARE for ALL passersby to see.
Therefore, I'm hoping you'll be able to help us today with an extra-special gift of $30 or more for this monumentally-effective LIFE-SAVING pro-life project.
Recently we have shown our "JumboTron" video in FOUR major markets: TampaSan FranciscoCincinnati, and the granddaddy of them all, WASHINGTON, DC.
But now we're ready to move forward and conduct our "JumboTron" Project in SIX MORE CITIES before the November elections.
To accomplish that goal -- and finally CHANGE the way people THINK and FEEL about abortion -- we now need a whopping $23,700 from pro-lifers like you, from all across the country.
All it takes is the funds to rent each JumboTron screen, each time.
For your special gift of $100 or more, we will send you a copy on DVD of the powerful video we use on the JumboTron screen.
This HITS PEOPLE right between the eyes... and ears... and puts the TRUTH about abortion directly into their MINDS!
Virtually everyone says, "I'm opposed to abortion now" after they watch our JumboTron video.
When that is done -- on a nationwide scale -- we will definitely see REAL CHANGES in the way Americans think and "vote" on abortion.
But America simply won't change until they SEE an actual abortion.
And that's what our JumboTron Project is all about!
Therefore, I'm hoping and praying that you'll be able to help us with a generous donation of $30 or more -- today -- so we can move forward with our current plans to bring the JumboTron video project to at least SIX MORE MAJOR CITIES between now and November.
Just imagine the impact THAT will have on elections wherever we go!
In one afternoon, we can deeply reach more people for less money than if we spent hundreds of thousands on 'slick direct mail' for a political campaign.
When you see the baby being torn apart in her mother's womb -- on a HUGE TV SCREEN in the middle of the public square with thousands of people watching -- you will see what I see...
...the beginnings of a nationwide "shift" in public opinion on abortion.
It's long overdue. And yet, not a moment too soon.
Please. May I hear from you TODAY?
Thank you, and God bless you for caring.
Yours in the cause of LIFE,
Mark Harrington
Founder and National Director,
Created Equal
p.s. If you give $100 OR MORE you can transform your TV into your own "mini-JumboTron screen" -- and show this video wherever you'd like. You'll be both shockedamazed, and inspired to do more! It changes everything...!
p.s.s. Please pray for us and financially support Created Equal, send your check to: Created Equal, PO Box 360502, Columbus, OH 43236.
Or give electronically HERE.

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