Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Discipline of Abusive MD Abortionist

Victim of Botched Abortion 27 Years Ago Prompts Discovery of  Discipline of Abusive Maryland Abortionist

August 12, 2014

By Cheryl Sullenger

Baltimore, MD - When the phone rings at Operation Rescue, one never knows quite what to expect.

The red light flashed on my office phone alerting me that a voicemail message awaited my attention. As I started my computer and settled in on Monday morning to begin a new week of work, I hit the voicemail button and fumbled for a post-it note.

"Hi, Cheryl. My name is Danielle..." the voice began.

Danielle had been having a series of reoccurring dreams about a doctor she had seen in 1987 or so when she was a young girl in the Baltimore foster care system. One such dream prompted the early-morning call to my office.

A name she couldn't shake all those years - the name that was the subject of her disturbing nightmares - was the name of Dr. Ghevont Wartanian.