Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Heroic News: “Desperate couples turn to Kickstarter to fund IVF” plus 4 more


=GoFundMe reports that the total value of donations made to people seeking IVF funding in its “Babies, Kids and Family” category worldwide stands at $1.1 million since its 2010 launch.
In a book-length interview, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller has underscored that the indissolubility of the marriage is no mere doctrine, but a dogma of the Church, and stressed the need to recover the sacramental understanding of marriage and family.
A European Union citizens’ initiative to ban human embryo-destroying research has filed a court petition after being denied a legislative proposal despite acquiring nearly 2 million signatures of support.
The removal one of Poland's top doctors as director of Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw for refusing to perform an abortion has drawn widespread criticism, with many stating the act violated legal grounds.
"So what if Planned Parenthood takes the lives of over 330,000 unborn babies annually? To the parental failure to be “deliberate and thoughtful,” PPFA stands—curette and forceps in hand—to guarantee a “solution,” as bloody as it is unmerciful."