Sunday, August 3, 2014

National Right to Life News This Week 8/3/14

Best of NRL News Today for the week of July 28-August 2, 2014    

Willie Parker's "Abortion Ministry"

WillieParker   By Dave Andrusko It is no coincidence that John Richardson's story in Esquire magazine is titled, "The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker." Richardson's profile is a futile attempt to make a kind of saint out of a man

Kansas info mandates rankled closed abortion clinic

wrtk-portal-2   By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director, Kansans for Life Editor's note. Earlier this week, Kathy was kind enough to write "Kansas City abortion clinic closes without warning" for NRL News Today. Reporters then, as now, can't believe an abortion clinic

"Oh, my gosh, I want him to stay little" tearful sister says of baby brother

dontgrowup   By Dave Andrusko The instant I saw this earlier today, I forwarded it to my son and daughter-in-law who have a 3 ½ year old daughter and eight month old son, and to my wife. 

Michigan man says it was God who led them to find abandoned baby, "that all life is precious to Him"

24 Hour News 8's Henry Erb speaks to Jeff Kopp, who along with his dog Bobby found a newborn on the side of the road near Diamond Lake.   By Dave Andrusko The Michigan man who found an abandoned five-hour-old baby on the side of a dirt road says, "I feel that we were led to that place, OK, because it was out of the ordinary for me

Unborn children have already pretty much done everything that a newborn baby does, leading expert tells The Today Show

ConceptiontoBirth   By Dave Andrusko Earlier today a friend of 30+ years forwarded me another story from what is turning out to be a font of information about unborn babies: The Today Show, specifically its segments on parenting. 

Ohio revokes license of Toledo's last abortion clinic, effective August 12

Capital Care Network   By Dave Andrusko Back in June, when last we wrote about the Capital Care Network, the lone remaining abortion clinic in Toledo, Ohio, state officials had responded to the clinic's argument that it had fulfilled the requirement to have

Appeals Panel strikes down law that would have closed Mississippi's last abortion clinic

Judge Emilo Garza   By Dave Andrusko A split three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today struck down a Mississippi law that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. 

"Chloe's Law" will provide expectant mothers with information about Down syndrome

Chloe Kondrich prays as Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signs   By Mark Bradford, President, Jérôme Lejeune Foundation, USA On July 18, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law the "Down Syndrome Prenatal and Postnatal Education Act" commonly known as "Chloe's Law." Pennsylvania became the 7th state to implement legislation

Obama's approval number drops to 39%, only 42% believes he "can manage the government effectively"

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama   By Dave Andrusko When it comes to presidential approval ratings, there may not be a "tipping point" where bad/awful becomes something with no bottom in sight. But if there is (and I believe there is), it could be the

Canadian Medical Association: 71.5% oppose the legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide; Doctors should be excluded from doing euthanasia

cma_lgre   By Alex Schadenberg Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) published the results of its online poll and it national dialogue concerning euthanasia, assisted suicide and end-of-life care. The CMA consultation report determined that 71.5% agreed

Infamous abortionist Brigham again trying to get license back

Abortionist Steven Brigham   By Dave Andrusko It's important to remember that long before there was abortionist Kermit Gosnell, convicted of three counts of first-degree murder, there were plenty of abortionists who were so outrageous even their Abortion Industry brethren tried to separate

Camp Joshua Virginia: "An awesome pro-life camp"

Camp Joshua 2014   By Colin Kearney Editor's note. The following essay was written by a participant in Camp Joshua Virginia 2014. Camp Joshua Virginia is sponsored by the Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL). Colin is a rising junior. Camp Joshua 2014

PPFA Cecile Richards' interview with Bill Moyers: The "rest of the story"

Bill Moyers interviewing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards   By Dave Andrusko Understandably so, pro-lifers have paid the most attention to PPFA President Cecile Richards' bizarre comparison of abortion to a colonoscopy in a July 18 interview with Bill Moyers. 


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