Friday, September 5, 2014

5 things you won't learn from "After Tiller"

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Over the objections of plenty of taxpayers, PBS – a publicly funded channel – aired “After Tiller” on Labor Day. “After Tiller” is a documentary glorifying the work of four late-term abortionists in the U.S.
Day after day, these abortionists willingly take the lives of viable babies, some of them nearly full-term. And often, despite what “After Tiller” shows, the only reason for the murder of these innocents is their inconvenience.
People who’ve seen “After Tiller” need to know another side to the story of late term abortion. Here, for starters, are five things you need to know. Read more…

The Ice Bucket Challenge and bio-ethics – A Catholic scientist answers your questions

Anyone who spends time on Facebook is now well aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been sweeping the internet as a campaign for raising awareness and donations to research for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Whether we laugh, feel inspired, or roll our eyes at the montage of ice bucket videos daily growing on our news feeds, we can certainly agree that increasing our compassion for this severe degenerative disease and funding to find a cure for it are noble causes.
However, many Catholics have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to dump cold water on this well-intentioned cause in a completely different way. This is because certain ALS foundations, including ALSA, the primary beneficiary of the Ice Bucket Challenge, fund or advocate research using embryonic stem cells. Such research presents a serious ethical dilemma to all people of good will and is explicitly declared morally illicit by the Catholic Church. Read more…
Women tell horror stories of abortions they had at Dr. Tiller’s clinicThe recent documentary “After Tiller” portrayed late-term abortionists in a sympathetic light. Its directors assumed that Dr. Tiller was a champion of women who provided quality healthcare in his Wichita abortion clinic. However, the pro-life group Operation Rescue has compiled some disturbing stories from some of his patients. Read more…
Why this video matters to me personallyMost of us think we know what rape is. Whenever someone forces themself onto another person without consent, it’s sexual assault. It’s very black and white… except when it isn’t.
It took me ten years and ultimately a very honest and kind friend to tell me that when I was “taken advantage of” in high school that one time, I had actually been raped. I mean, had I said “no”? Yes. Had I been crying? Yes. Had I asked him to stop? I had. But in my mind, because he had not beaten me up and wasn’t holding me down, it wasn’t really rape – it was just a teenage guy “taking advantage of the situation.” For years I used that term. For years I made excuses for his behavior. Read more…
Planned pro-life film from Bruce Marchiano aims to save lives
Perhaps most known for his portrayal of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew film, actor Bruce Marchiano has turned producer and screenwriter and is currently working with a team to bring Alison’s Choice: A Film about Life to the screen.
With a completed screenplay, now the producer is raising funds to finish the project, saying “funding is by donation, which releases the film to reach many more lives.”
The film takes a simple premise, asking, “What would Jesus say to a woman having an abortion?” Read more…

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