Saturday, September 27, 2014

From 40 Days For Life: DAY 4: "Something needs to be done"

40 Days for Life
Dear Deacon John,

We all love hearing about babies being saved from abortion at the last moment. But the reality is that not all stories have happy endings.

Abortion facilities are places of darkness and can sometimes crush what little hope a woman may have while walking inside. They survive on despair. 

One man that you'll hear about today reacted to this reality by saying,“Something needs to be done about abortion.”

Well, something is being done — and you can be part of the solution!

Baltimore, Maryland 

“A well-groomed gentleman approached us on the sidewalk,” said Jody, the coordinator of the 40 Days for Life campaign in the Fullerton area of Baltimore. 

“I used to be for abortion. But not anymore,” he blurted out. “I was for abortion until my granddaughter had one.”

There was pain in his eyes, and a searching look.  He had more to say. “Then she got pregnant again and the baby died. It was really hard. Something needs to be done about abortion.

This grandfather wasn't quite finished. “And then we found out that our daughter had an abortion.  She had told her mother she needed $500 for something. We gave it to her. Thirty years later we found out that she aborted her son.”

His head sagged for a moment. “I would have had a grandson.” 

“We shared information about the healing ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard and he took it gratefully,” Jody said. “Please pray for this gentleman.”

Houston, Texas 

Prayer volunteers often speak about the women walking into the abortion centers – but there’s less said about the women walking out. Perhaps that’s because it’s often hard to describe that scene. It can be gut-wrenching.

One sidewalk counselor reported that a woman was seen leaving Houston's Planned Parenthood abortion mega-center. She was in the parking lot, obviously sick and in pain after an abortion. The volunteer kept waiting for Planned Parenthood to send someone out to check on her. But that never happened.

“We have seen this sort of thing happen frequently at Planned Parenthood,” said one of the Houston volunteers. “They don't seem to be too concerned with their clients’ welfare after they have paid and had the abortion.”

Charlotte, North Carolina 
 Vigil participants in Charlotte were able to speak briefly with a young woman on her way into the abortion center, but were unable to convince her to cancel her appointment.

They watched as she left the building some time later and sat alone in her car for about ten minutes. But as she drove out, she opened her car window and wanted to talk.

“She told me that she had taken the abortion pill and was directed by the abortionist to take the second pill tomorrow,” said one of the volunteers. “But she confessed that she was having second thoughts.”

But was it too late to do anything? The prayer team hopes that it is not. They gave this frightened young woman the phone number of a doctor who might be able to help, since she had not taken the second pill.

“Please keep her in your prayers,” the volunteer said. “And if you are able, please come and pray during these 40 Days for Life.”

Here's today's devotional from Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life.

Day 4 intention 

We ask God that we may understand the concept of justice, as a gift he gives and as a responsibility that shapes our work.


Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! 

— Amos 5:24


Justice, a key theme of the Scriptures, is something God does and that we too must do. 

When God intervenes to save his people when they are helpless and in slavery in Egypt, he "does justice." He manifested his justice in the plagues that were sent upon Egypt, whereby Pharaoh was convinced that he must let the people go. Justice is manifested as, in awe and wonder, God's people see the Red Sea open before them, allow them to pass without even getting their feet wet, and then close again to drown their powerful enemies. 

God is a God of Justice; he rescues us when we cannot save ourselves. His justice, above all, is seen in Jesus Christ, who, when we could not save ourselves, rescued us from the kingdom of sin, Satan, death, and hell. The mighty work of Christ on the cross and in the resurrection is the perfect manifestation of God as the God of justice. 

We, then, are to be the people of justice; we are to "do justice" by intervening to save the helpless in the name and by the power of the God who saves us who are helpless ourselves. That's why we have a pro-life movement; that's why we have a 40 Days for Life Campaign; that's why saving the unborn is our business.


God of Justice, you heard the cry of your people when they were being oppressed in Egypt, and you proved yourself to be the God of justice, who rescues the helpless. You likewise rescued us from the kingdom of darkness, and brought us into the Kingdom of your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who saves us from the power of Satan, sin, death, and hell. 

Make us people of justice, ready to intervene to save the helpless. Indeed, as your prophets have announced, let justice roll on like a mighty river, to save all who are in need, especially the unborn. We pray through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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For Life,
 Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life