Saturday, September 6, 2014

Heroic News: “What You Owe Your Wife” plus 2 more

Married love is a potent teacher of truth. The family, as the Church points out, is the “school of love”. And as a father, I’m learning more and more how vital the love I have and live towards my family has consequences beyond my home. It’s a school of love, but I am probably not the best headmaster.
'Until the U.S. Supreme Court either chooses not to take it up or were to rule that the law here and elsewhere is unconstitutional, we are still obligated to support the constitution as it was amended by the voters.'
Once, a wedding was indeed a prelude to family life: a hurdle to be cleared before having children, to the eternal shame of those hussies who got the two in the wrong order. Now it’s just as likely to be a postscript to it.