Saturday, September 6, 2014

National Right to Life News This Week 9/6/14

Best of NRL News Today for the week of September 2-6, 2014   

"Stunning photos" of newborns show unmistakable continuity of human life

newbornbaby82   By Dave Andrusko How many million times have pro-lifers made the simple--and absolute correct--assertion that birth is just a change in location? That while the law may allow for the absurd conclusion that a child in utero is something/someone

NRLC President Tobias makes the case for pro-life legislation on ABC's "This Week"

CarolTobiasABCthisweekre   By Dave Andrusko I never see Sunday talk shows live; like many of you, I am in church. But by watching the August 31 edition of ABC's "This Week" online and then reading the transcript, I think I have

"Life in the Womb (9 months in four minutes)"

unbornlifeinwomb   By Dave Andrusko I always love to watch well-done stories of fetal development, even more so now that our daughter-in-law has had two babies. NRL News Today has written about many YouTube videos, here's one more:

Advance Planning for Treatment Denial "Conversations" Spread -- But What is Driving the Conversation?

From her cubicle at Vital Decisions in Cherry Hill, N.J., Kate Schleicher counsels people with terminal illnesses. (Photo by Emma Lee/WHYY)   By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics Those seeking to fund advance planning "conversations" -- efforts to encourage doctors or others to talk with potential patients about whether they should receive life-saving medical treatment if incapacitated–

A Lesson from a Grumpy 8-Year-Old

babypig3   By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation My little sister was in a grumpy mood. I was visiting my family after church as I usually do, but this Sunday afternoon my 8-year-old sister wasn't in any mood for

"Complete Health Care for Women" will no longer perform surgical abortions, eight abortion providers remain in Ohio

Mervyn Samuel   By Dave Andrusko As of last Friday, one of Columbus's three abortion facilities, Complete Health Care for Women, will no longer be performing surgical abortions. Operated by Mervyn Samuel and Milroy Samuel, the facility has been open for the

"This is exasperating": hilarious response when young boy learns mom is pregnant

makesnosense   By Dave Andrusko It was only posted last Thursday but the "This is exasperating" video is a gigantic hit. It's only a little over a minute long, but the response of Trey (who is in a booster seat in

The Obama Administration bordering on meltdown?

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama   By Dave Andrusko In 1968, during the Vietnam War, President Lyndon Johnson was reported to have lamented, "If I've lost Walter Cronkite [the famous CBS News anchorman], I've lost America." Well, if even California is finding President Barack Obama

The "coolest" baby yet--and not even born!

thumbsupunborn   By Dave Andrusko I first saw this on Labor Day, although the ultrasound was actually posted August 28. For those of us of a certain age (old), the instant reaction was "The Fonz."

Your Baby's Development Month by Month

Mother_Baby_Web2 Editor's note. This marvelous research appears on the webpage of Wisconsin Right to Life at Watch the video to see the beginnings of life in the womb and the step-by-step process of fetal development. An Amazing Journey! LIFE!

As the number of babies surviving at 23 weeks grows, calls for abortion reform in Great Britain mount

Premature: Lily Burrows, pictured with mother Gillian, had just a 5 per cent chance of survival when she was born prematurely at 23 weeks. A significant number of babies born at 23 weeks now survive   By Dave Andrusko Watching the abortion debate in Great Britain from afar means you ordinarily don't have the depth and breadth of information to completely understand the back and forth

Lest we forget

euthanasiamemorial9   Berlin's new memorial to the victims of Nazi eugenics should prompt us to remember our own. By Michael Cook A memorial to the 300,000 victims of Nazi euthanasia programs was opened in Berlin this week. It is striking piece

Heading in reverse, pro-abortionists desperate to insist pro-lifers are on the defensive

CarolTobiasABCthisweekre   By Dave Andrusko I know a thing or two about "rallying the troops." Inevitably there will be down times--see the elections (and re-elections) of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Feminists vs. Fox Star: Abortion 'A Perfect Topic' for Sitcoms

the-mindy-projectre   By Katie Yoder Poor Mindy Kaling. Nobody told her that terminating a life just isn't that big a deal, so the actress is demurring from using abortion as a plot device in her new Fox sit-com. Kaling, who rose

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