Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Video -- Now We Can See the Damage: Abortion Hurts Women -- Most Doctors are Wrong

New Video -- Now We Can See the Damage: Abortion Hurts Women -- Most Doctors are Wrong

Contact: B. Keith Neely,

TORONTO, Canada, Sept. 24, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Through the new documentary, Wounded and Abandoned, we can now see video that reveals how hidden permanent damage occurs with induced abortion. This damage can lead to future problems such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism and life threatening ectopic pregnancies. This is in sharp contrast to the world's acceptance of the skewed research that claims abortion is safer than childbirth.

The full length documentary is an accurate, compelling exposé of 8 of the health risks of induced abortion. Written to be easily understood by young teens and up, it is nearing completion and seeking funds through Indiegogo crowd sourcing. When released for international television broadcast, it may be unique in that it will also be free and online in short segments to be cell phone friendly: This is important to reach young teenagers as they look to the internet for their information.

If Judge Lee Yeakel had seen this video below, (4 minutes, animation borrowed from the upcoming documentary) he may of upheld the new Texas law demanding higher standards on abortion clinics

The documentary will also educate physicians and through the testimonies of post abortion women, extend emotional healing to other women. The producer, B. Keith Neely, estimates there are 600 million or more women who feel emotionally wounded by their abortion -- a secret pain that can get worse.

Neely originally expected that a documentary about the health risks of abortion would be accepted as a benign aspect of the debate but instead, he has experienced fierce opposition. "Now I understand," he points out, "the medical industry saw women stop using Hormone Replacement therapy when it was linked to cancer so the  profit motive mandates, that the industry repress the truth about abortion risks." Another reason this information is repressed is the massive legal mess that will ensue when millions of abortions are deemed to be medical malpractice because the women signing the consent forms were not fully informed.

So how does "Wounded and Abandoned" break through this resistance?

In addition to the numerous new medical HD animations, the post abortion women's testimonies are irrefutable court room Victim Impact Statements: The women's own  experiences are augmented with the testimony of medical and legal experts in the documentary.

As well, numerous courtroom battles have validated the accuracy of the abortion health risks research. This refutes the media's claims of the risks being "lies and myths."

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