Friday, September 19, 2014

Five classrooms of children saved.

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Rescue five more classrooms filled with 30 children in each, today.

Dear Friends,

Your vital gift right now will help us rescue five classrooms full of about 30 children each, at least, in the next three months.
That is how many babies EMC counselors conservatively rescued in the three past months, just in New York City and Texas, and not counting in six other states and Washington, DC where we made over 1,000 referrals of abortion minded callers.
Here is a baby photo I just was sent through a valiant EMC intern who has stayed in touch with the mom of this little girl whom she rescued at EMC, from a certain abortion.
Rescued 2012 Baby
A baby rescued at EMC in 2012. Imagine over 150 more saved this Fall.
To keep rescuing these children I must now pay overdue rent, electric and phone bills and with the very cold weather coming, I will need very serious money to heat our offices and our LifeHouse, where most of our full time life-savers live.

Rescuing children in this most expensive city in America, New York City,  is just not cheap. Rent and electric in our Brooklyn office approaches a staggering $6,000 a month!
Would you please give on our PayPal link on our home page or via credit or debit card or via ECheck right now and help us fill some classrooms with children?
As EMC finishes 29 years of life-saving here in New York City on October 2nd, we cannot slack off as the pro-abortion politicians here are relentlessly trying to shut us down.
Would you please help on our PayPal link on our homepage with $35, $50, or $100 today or via card or Echeck to fund life-saving that gets immediate results?
Thank you so much for helping build up the most effective, and strategically located pregnancy centers in America's Abortion Capital-New York City.
We were the first to provide free pro-life counseling, and free life-saving ultrasounds, and even 100% pro-life pre-natal care going back here to the mid-1980s, against all odds!

Your sacrificial gift to to EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers, right now, will keep us fighting for scores of babies lives on the line every single week especially in New York City, where Monday through Friday over 350 babies are aborted everyday!

Your critically needed help, right now, strengthens our New York City outreach to clients throughtout the tri-state area, but amazingly your gifts also support our pro-life outposts in San Antnio and Austin, Texas, and life-saving in seven other US cities where we refer serious, abortion-minded callers to pregnancy help, everyday. These cities are Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore Cleveland, Charlotte, and Detroit.

Your financial help, right now, AND PRAYERS, is also key for us as we prepare ourselves for worst case legal scenarios, as we struggle with a vicious pro-abort NY State Attorney General working hard to shut down our ultrasound program, and New York City seeks to squash our free speech. We await a ruling against NYC in the United States Supreme Court.

I truly appreciate your vital part in our work as YOU are a true Life-Saver who makes possible EMC's ongoing valuable services, through your generously supplied prayers and financial support.

Without you, our staff and interns could not have saved over 152 babies these past three months of June, July and August.

With your support, you help us to bring down the tragic 37.4% New York City abortion rate (double the national average), and stunningly even higher rates of abortion amongst minorities.

Please give now on our PayPal link on our homepage or or by card or Check. Your reward will be a legacy of classrooms of many children and many happy parents.

No other pregnancy centers have worked for so long and so hard in the biggest Abortion City in America.

We are so bold that we are the ONLY life centers who work across multiple boroughs here in New York, and we even work across multiple states to rescue many, many children and help their distraught moms.

We are on this. Together.

Yours for Life on the FrontLines of New York City, and America.

Chris Slattery
Founder and National Director
Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy
Centers & American Center for Pro-Life Action,
programs of The Evergreen Association, Inc., an
IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) charity.

P.S. I know you get a ton of financial appeals, especially for this or that pro-life candidate, who says they are pro-life and will save babies, but believe me if your goal is to save children now, then please give to the group which has rescued more children then any of the politicians every will or can do.  General education pro-life groups are fine too, but for my money I suggest helping a direct-action, front-line, service organization, like EMC, that gets results, and helps real distraught abortion minded expectant mothers, in crisis, in the big cities, especially New York, where our services are needed the most.

Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy
61 Lewis Pkwy, Yonkers, NY 10705
also at
P.O. Box 134, Bronx, NY 1