Friday, March 25, 2016

Can You Answer Her Prayers on Good Friday?

"Please God, lift up my family.
Keep us from hunger and this hard life."
 – Ainese

Ainese and her daughter, Rachel in Côtes-de-Fer, Haiti. Photo by Debra Rothenberg.

The handmade mother-daughter dresses and Ainese’s sweet smile disguise her hard life. She and her husband have nine children. The five we met were curious and happy, but their clothes were torn and dirty; not everyone has shoes. A pile of rotten fish is the family’s dinner. Rotten fish is cheaper to buy.

Ainese is one of several women we work with in Côtes-de-Fer who didn’t know their age.  She’s focused on day-to-day survival, making sure her family has water and food for the next meal. There’s no need to keep track of weeks, months and years. The concept of a birthday celebration, even without gifts, doesn’t exist in a family this poor.

Ainese believes God will lift her family out of poverty.  With His grace and your support, we’re giving her the tools she needs to do just that.  Women deserve dignity as they faithfully struggle to provide for the well-being of their families.  Our Mothers Clubs program teaches women like Ainese the importance of nutrition, healthcare and education.  Mothers Club members learn basic math and are empowered with access to microloans and support, so they can start their own businesses.

Today is Good Friday, a day of despair.  But like Ainese, we must keep the faith, knowing, “Even the darkest night will end, and the Son will rise.”  Lent is officially over.  It’s time to share the joy of Easter with women like Ainese.  With her prayers, His help, and your support, her life will change.
Share the Joy of Easter

Bruce Wilkinson

CMMB President & CEO

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