Monday, September 22, 2008


Top Senate Races Feature Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Contrasts; Big Implications
Washington, DC ( -- While the national focus is on the presidential race and its stark contrasts on abortion, voters across the nation will also head to the polls to select members of the U.S. Senate. The races also feature abortion contrasts and big implications as they will confirm any Supreme Court appointments. Minnesota has one of the marquee races with pro-life Sen. Norm Coleman facing competition from pro-abortion comedian Al Franken. Coleman, the former Democratic mayor of St. Paul, is well-known across the state and favored to hold his seat, but leads Franklin by just one-two percent in recent surveys. Pro-life advocates are very concerned about the New Hampshire senate race, because pro-abortion former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen is challenging pro-life Sen. John Sununu in a rematch of their 2002 open seat contest and polls show her with a 9-11 percentage point lead as the state has been trending Democrat in recent years. The state of New Mexico presents another concern for pro-life advocates. Sen. Pete Domenici announced in October 2007 that he would not seek re-election and pro-life Rep. Steve Pearce is running to replace him but he trails pro-abortion Democratic Rep. Tom Udall by double digits. Colorado features a clear contrast between pro-life Republican Rep. Bob Schaffer and pro-abortion Democratic Rep. Mark Udall in a race to replace Sen. Wayne Allard, who is pro-life. Like the vote in the presidential contest, the race for the Senate will be close but Udall appears to have a 6-8 percentage point advantage over the last month. Full story at