Friday, September 19, 2008



Thomas Fahy heads the Luisa Piccarreta Center for Divine Will and the John Paul 11 Center in the United States;  Please read ;  the beautiful prayer is at the bottom;  God Bless you,  Tom and Mary

Thomas Fahy
Election 2008:  I received a pleading, almost tearful, call today from a man who has been following the Divine Will for many years.  He was exceedingly distressed about the way so many Americans are thinking, acting and intending to vote this presidential election—even Catholics. This man talked to me for so long with so much anguish over the state of our country and the way people are thinking.  He begged me to awaken in the minds and hearts of those with whom I correspond the awareness of the exceeding Power of Prayer in the Divine Will, which we have at our disposal to move the hearts of enough people this November to vote successfully for those persons seeking any public office, especially that of President, who are commited to safeguarding the preciousness of Life from the moment of conception. 
I agreed to send out a message in my own words, and to include a prayer to be prayed in the Divine Will. I have chosen a prayer, adapted a little bit, from one from Luisa's writings:
Every baby that Our Father in Heaven creates in the womb of the precious child's mother, and which He knits together, cell by cell, is a human being destined in a variety of ways to give glory to God, and to satisfy God's Nature to Love and be loved by that baby.  That baby is Our Father's child for whom He has so many plans and so many things to give him or her. And He pines away to hear from that child the words, "I love You!"
Then, just as Our Father in Heaven is adding new cells and organs to his precious child, other children of His, whom He had knitted together in their mother's wombs with so much Love, and have had years to enjoy life on their Father's beautiful planet Earth, with the possibility of enjoying their Heavenly Father for all Eternity, turn away horribly away from His Loving Gaze.  And with vicious eyes of contempt they take instruments of murder and barbaricly kill their Heavenly Father's precious child whose life He so much longed to see come forth to the light of day.
Prayer: Let your soul flow in the Divine Will and pray—

Supreme Majesty, your beloved child comes before You upon your Paternal knees to ask You that your Fiat, your Kingdom, become known by all.  I beg of You the triumph of your Will so that It dominate and reign over everyone.  It is not I alone who ask You; but all your works are together with me, as well as your own Will.  Therefore, in the name of everyone, I beg You, I implore You to move the hearts of voters this election season of 2008 to vote for candidates seeking any public office, especially the office of President, who are commited to the protection of Life beginning from the very moment of conception. 

Jesus, I trust in you!  Amen.