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Obama's training program described as 'Big Brother' - Critic says plan would herd 'American youth into government-funded re-education camps'

Obama slips on TV: 'My Muslim faith'

Obama says he was too flip on abortion issue. He says question about when a baby is entitled to human rights is 'tough'

'Pro-Life' Democrats Fall Silent - Far from softening their support for abortion or broadening their appeal on the issue, the Democratic convention served only to reinforce the party's strong abortion uniformity.


Candidates' Abortion Views Inform

The GOP Should Kiss Gay-Bashing Goodbye By JAMES KIRCHICK

Biden avoids confrontation with his new bishop

The Speaker's Unusual Description of Catholic Dogma by Paul Weyrich

Cardinal George Corrects the Catholic Vote Debate - The most important statement from a Catholic bishop of the present political season was published a few days ago by Francis Cardinal George of Chicago. In essence, Cardinal George stated it was a violation of Catholic teaching to evoke the common good in politics without advocating legal protection of yet-to-be-born children.

Archbishop Niederauer's inadequate response to Nancy Pelosi (analysis)

Complete list of American bishops who have responded to Nancy Pelosi's comments so far

Brownback urges Catholic 'whole life view' for GOP

Florida Supreme Court strikes down vote on faith-based programs

Brazilian teens abuse morning after pill, study reveals

Time to throw in the towel - The ideas of a well-established bioethicist are so weird that it makes one despair of bioethics itself. University students face four competing world views as they navigate their way through modern culture. They can only choose one of them.

Doctors Say 'Yes' to Their Right to Say 'No' - Bush Administration Seeks Comment on Conscience Regulations

New project launched to reduce abortion rate for pre-natal Down syndrome diagnoses

Planned Parenthood's vile Web site and the NFL's Jaguars

More high-profile Hollywood projects are reportedly in the works that will once again challenge some basic Christian precepts.

The BBC has a "liberal bias" and is staffed by an "abnormally large number" of gays.

California bans 'brides,' 'grooms' - License rejected for couple seeking traditional marriage

The Sex Change Capital of The U.S. - A Small Rocky Mountain Town Is Home To A Cottage Industry Helping Transgender People

Trial nears in case of San Diego firefighters forced to take part in "gay pride" parade
"Bombarded with hundreds of sexual advances" - "You could not even look at the crowd without getting some kind of sexual gesture," said one of the firefighters.  "If any crew member were to hang up pictures at the station of what we saw, we would be disciplined."

Enforcing Tolerance - Public schools are thumbing their nose at parents, saying: "We can teach your kids whatever we please, and there's nothing anybody can do about it."

Agitation for the lifting of the ban on bestiality has scarcely begun but it is safe to say that it is an idea whose hour will surely come, and soon By Ralph McInerny

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