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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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 Judie Brown
To Clone or Not to Clone: Take a Poll? 


Education is important in all aspects of life, but certainly when dealing with life itself. Reading parts of articles or hearing a blurb on television does not educate a person about issues. This is certainly the case when it comes to human cloning. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our society to understand all the facts and to make choices based on God's laws. Today's commentary will delve into this subject and will help educate those who may not understand this complicated topic  


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North Carolina poised to defund Planned Parenthood after House votes to override veto

Life Site News 

Just after midnight Monday night, House members of North Carolina's General Assembly overrode a veto of a state budget that barred funding for Planned Parenthood, making the state poised to join several others that have cut off funding for America's largest abortion provider. The Greensboro News & Record reported that the Senate may vote as early as today, although it could postpone consideration until Thursday. North Carolina Democrat Governor Bev Purdue vetoed the legislation that had been sent to her earlier this month by the General Assembly, which is dominated by Republicans.  

Billboard campaign exposes Planned Parenthood

Christian Newswire
The Issues4Life Foundation and The Radiance Foundation, launch a TooManyAborted.Com abortion awareness and pro-adoption themed campaign, entitled "BLACK&BEAUTIFUL." This Black American led initiative exposes Planned Parenthood's racist and eugenics-based history and unaltered course. Sixty (60) "BLACK&BEAUTIFUL" billboards are placed throughout Oakland. June serves as the grim anniversary of legalized abortion in California through the Therapeutic Abortion Act of 1967. That year, there were 518 legal abortions. Today, California is the nation's abortion capital with over 214,190 abortions performed each year among its 522 abortion "providers."  
Embryonic stem cell research creates false hope


Research demonstrates that embryonic stem cells are not an effective resource for treatment and create false hope for a cure, according to a professor from the University of Milan, in Italy. "This situation helps to nourish the uncritical mentality that demonizes any attempt at regulation as anti-scientific and against progress. Moreover, 'stem' has become a sort of magic word that gives added value to everything from cosmetics to the most absurd therapeutic ideas," said professor Augusto Pessina of the University of Milan.