Friday, June 24, 2011

News from the Trenches: “I could see she was crying”

“I could see she was crying”

Pro-life booth at Placer County Fair, sidewalk counseling report from San Diego

News from the Trenches 

Placer County Fair, Roseville, "United We Stand for Life" Information Booth, June 23-26 

Beginning yesterday and continuing through Sunday, June 26, United We Stand For Life will man an information booth at the Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All America City Blvd., in Roseville, from noon until 10 p.m. 

Sponsors call the event a “life-saving, awareness-raising opportunity,” and invite interested pro-lifers to sign up for two-hour shifts to man the booth. 

For more information or to volunteer, contact: 
Joan Donohue,, or Mary Shoenberger,

Planned Parenthood, downtown San Diego, Saturday, June 11, 2011 

This was my first day counseling at Planned Parenthood, and it was quite different from Family Planning Associates. I realized that I must cut my words in half and not assume anything from the looks of the women. 

The majority of the women going in took the information I offered and a few stopped to chat. One couple drove into the lot and I was able to talk briefly with them. The young woman looked very sad. They emerged into the lot and stayed there for at least 15 minutes. Sadly, they walked into Planned Parenthood and the woman had a tissue in her hand. I could see she was crying. 

Another women entered by herself and said she and her fiancé wanted to have a baby but she might have problems. I told her about Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) and how they work with NaPro technology (Natural Procreative Technology). She was very interested in all the information I gave her, and when she left I gave her COLFS direct phone number and she said she was going to call today. 

As my daughter stood next to me praying, a man and woman walked up First Avenue and I asked them if they were going to Planned Parenthood. They said yes, they were going for a pregnancy test. I told them about the risks of abortion and showed them a picture of a little 6-week-old. The woman said there was no pregnancy center nearby, and I told her about COLFS. I told them it was only up the hill and I would be glad to take them. They said they lived in the shelter downtown and they take buses and would just take the bus. I gave “R” and “D” a big hug and we watched as they got on the bus. I called COLFS and told them they were on their way. I called later and they said that they were filling out paperwork. 

Please pray for this brave couple who have many obstacles and need our prayers and support in many ways. 

Two women also entered Planned Parenthood, and I gave them information -- but I was not sure they spoke the best English. They left five minutes later, and, as they were driving out, I handed the driver a rosary. She smiled and pointed to the rosary she had in her car. The girl in the passenger seat looked scared, and I pray that whatever reason they left Planned Parenthood, they never return. 

-- Anne