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Jon Huntsman: Pro-life, pro-gay Mormon, Obama appointee, now GOP 2012 candidate

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jun 21 17:42 EST Politics

Wielding a polished image and an appetite to woo conservatives, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr. emerged onto the GOP 2012 scene Tuesday.

Indiana Planned Parenthood cuts hours, may shut down clinics after defunding

Peter J. Smith Tue Jun 21 15:23 EST Abortion

Planned Parenthood has already lost access to $1.3 million dollars in family planning funds that Indiana used to pay to the abortion provider.

To vote or not to vote on gay ‘marriage’? New York’s GOP Senators may decide Wednesday

Peter J. Smith Tue Jun 21 18:09 EST Homosexuality

The Republican Majority Leader says he expects the Senate will recess for the summer by Wednesday – meaning that any vote on same-sex “marriage” would likely happen by then.

Teen sex linked to higher divorce rates

John-Henry Westen Tue Jun 21 17:09 EST Family

31 percent of women who had sex for the first time as teens divorced within five years of getting married, and 47 percent divorced within 10 years.

Law professor threatens lawsuit against ‘discriminatory’ single-sex dorms at Catholic U.

Christine Dhanagom Tue Jun 21 16:05 EST Faith

Law Professor John Banzhaf has made a career out of filing lawsuits, and now he’s taking aim at Catholic University’s new single-sex dormitory policy.

Judge rules Wisconsin gay domestic partnership law legal, not similar to marriage

Peter J. Smith Tue Jun 21 14:59 EST Homosexuality

The judge ruled that the law does not violate a voter-approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex “marriage” or a marriage-like legal status for homosexual couples.

‘Europe is dying’ U.S. population expert tells Senate hearing

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Jun 21 13:50 EST

"Listen closely, and you will hear the muffled sound of populations crashing,” Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute told the U.S. senate.

Toronto Catholic student trustee invokes bishops to defend ‘giftedness of sexual orientation’

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jun 21 15:17 EST Faith

Two other presenters at the June 16 Toronto Catholic board meeting similarly invoked the bishops in opposition to parents' demands for more explicit protections for authentic Catholic teaching in the board's controversial equity policy.

TDCSB student trustee Natalie Rizzo

United Way still funding Ottawa Planned Parenthood

Rebecca Millette Tue Jun 21 12:12 EST

United Way President and CEO Al Hatton confirmed the sex-education program would still receive up to half of previous funding this year.

Brazilian judge declares Supreme Tribunal decision favoring civil unions ‘unconsitutional’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Tue Jun 21 20:57 EST Homosexuality

Jeronymo Pedro Villas Boas, a municipal judge, says the nation's highest court "went beyond the limits" of its authority when it recently decreed that homosexuals have a right to civil unions, directly contradicting the Brazilian Constitution.

Costa Rica ignores enormous international pressure and keeps IVF ban

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jun 21 16:54 EST Bioethics

The measure, proposed by President Laura Chinchilla, was narrowly defeated in the House of Representatives June 14th in a 26 to 25 vote.

‘Euthanasia means killing someone’: Sydney Cardinal issues blunt pro-life challenge

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Jun 21 12:35 EST Euthanasia

“We might shoot a dying dog, but no human, no matter how old or sick, is just an animal. It is wrong to kill innocent human life,” said the cardinal.

Spain violating conscience rights of health care workers on abortion

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Jun 21 11:53 EST Abortion

As of July 2010, Spanish law considers abortion to be an “autonomous right” for all women that medical practitioners may not oppose.

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