Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 15th is D-Day for NYC pro-life movement. Hit the beach with us!

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Chris Slattery, President and founder of Expectant Mother Care - EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers has long been a leading "frontline" pro-life activist.


EMC has served over 110,000 clients since 1985, with over 40,000 certain saves from abortion over the past 26 years, and was the first full-time pregnancy resource center in New York City with 12 locations in four NYC boroughs.


Saving Lives in NYC-How and Why EMC FrontLine Opposes NY's Bill #371

Saving Lives in NYC-How and Why EMC FrontLine Opposes NYC's Local Law 17



Without Your Help Today and Next Wednesday...

New York City May

Shut Us Down!

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Dear John,


     I have never been in such a desperate spot, and no, this is not Anthony Weiner.


     I need your help again, today, and on Wednesday, June 15th at 2:30pm for a way of prayer for our team during a critical hearing in a Manhattan Southern District Federal Court.  

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      EMC has retained one of the best legal teams anywhere to sue NYC for passing Pregnancy Service Center Local Law 17 (Bill #0-371a) which is scheduled to go into effect on July 14th.

     Jay Sekulow with the American Center for Law and Justice will represent EMC with our twelve life saving pregnancy center and part-time clinic sites, and Matt Bowman and the Alliance Defense Fund is fighting for two smaller New York City single site pregnancy test centers.

     Each  of the teams has filed excellent, well written motions for a Preliminary Injunction to block this horrific unconstitutional law from going into effect. 


     But, we really could loose this fight!


     If we are not successful in our efforts for an Injunction, we could face staggering fines and jail time for non-compliance with the oppressive restrictions the law imposes, or we will be forced to hire a large team of expensive medical staff to supervise all our office locations. 


Imagine the NYPD arresting my staff and ultrasound techs for being in compliance with State Department of Health laws, but being caught for violating Local Law 17's onerous speech restrictions?


doctor arrested 


     Unfortunately, it seems that George Orwell may have been right with his book "1984". Our government is determined to control our every thought, word, and deed.


minstry of truth  


Without Your Help Today, the Abortionists May WIN!  


     I need you to please pray as hard as you have ever prayed before that the Hand of God moves through our efforts and that Judge William H. Pauley, grants our first and fourteenth amendment Injunction.


judge pauley 

     With a single pound of the gavel, Judge Pauley can effectively cripple EMC and allow Planned Parenthood and the other abortionists to go on a baby killing spree!


 judge gavel


Can You Pray for Us Wednesday, June 15, 2011 during the Federal Court Hearing at 2:30PM to support EMC and PRAY for Judge William Pauley? 


Babies all across New York City are counting on YOU! 


      Mayor Mike Bloomberg and NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn worked hard to pass this wicked new law, to boost business at Planned Parenthood and other big NYC baby killing centers, and to put us out of the baby saving business.


quinn bloom 

      They want to shut down the Abortion Capital's main NYC abortion competition, Expectant Mother Care, and stop us from giving distraught pregnant women informed consent and real effective alternatives to abortion, which while not required by law, are not, of course, provided by the abortion mills here in NY.


    Next Wednesday, June 15th will be one of the most important days in the history of EMC Frontline. As I said, our attorneys will seek a Preliminary Injunction to stop the "Pregnancy Services Center" Local Law-17-2011 from going into effect and crippling our baby saving efforts.  

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      New York City's attorneys have filed a 43 page brief opposing our request for a Preliminary Injunction. They are using the same old tired language and continue to repeat baseless accusations of NARAL, and Planned Parenthood against our locations near abortion mills, our advertising, and our life-affirming counseling.


     In their brief, they have said this law was necessary to "address the problem of deception or confusion regarding the nature of crisis pregnancy centers."


     Testimony at a public hearing on the law in November, 2010 proved that EMC Frontline has never had a single complaint filed against it with the Department of Consumer Affairs, NYPD, or the NYC Department of Health!


     Remember, not a single official complaint in 26 years of operation.


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     The abortion zealots want to pay us back for hurting their Abortion Capital abortion business, for our national pro-life movement passing pro-life laws (in other states, NOT NY!) and for gaining public support against the abortionists.


They are really steamed by the "Live Action" pro-life, undercover video stings last winter, and the House of Representative's vote to cut off Planned Parenthood's federal funding.


     It doesn't matter to them that 41% of expectant mothers in New York City are already aborting their babies.


     They don't even care that over 60% of NYC black mothers abort their innocent babies or close to half of Hispanics!


     They want more!


     They are not happy that over 40,000 mothers have been turned around in EMC centers to choose life for their unborn babies. That's loads of lost business for them!


     Take just a few minutes to watch the video that NARAL-NY produced which is continuing to spread their lies!   

Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centers One City at a Time
NARAL's Propaganda Video of Lies

     They admit they have been working since 2008 to shut down pregnancy service centers, with a city by city strategy nationwide, but you may not know that legal and PR attacks on EMC date way back to 1987!


     NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) has an alleged network of over 800 elected officials, public health representatives, and abortion advocates who are working together to help Planned Parenthood cripple the alternative to abortion movement.


     We also obtained footage of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn openly stating they passed this law in retaliation for Congress attempting to defund Planned Parenthood.

Christine Quinn Announces Rush to Cripple CPCs as Payback

     We are your arms and legs, working on the front lines both inside our twelve offices near abortion mills, and outside, with our mobile clinic, in front of abortion mills, especially in the South Bronx, every day, rain or shine.


     We work in the brutal heat and bitter cold, to give scared and exploited women real options, immediate access to early pre-natal care, and real hope so they may make a positive life-affirming decision in their pregnancy, without regrets.


     But, fighting City Hall has cost us literally tens of thousands of dollars. 


      It has also taken an inordinate amount of time away from my work of directing EMC Frontline, and expanding our outreach to save more of the nearly 90,000 children aborted in our sad City per year.


      As you know, with the life of an innocent child on the line, every second counts.


Can I please count on your support, again, TODAY?


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     We need to raise $150,000 to get us through these coming dog days of summer, to fund our extensive youth intern program, and to fight City Hall, and to prepare for a worst case possible defeat.


     I will be completely honest and open.


     We need some large gifts of $2,500 - $5,000 - $10,000 or more to get through this summer!


     We also need smaller gifts of $25, $75, and $100, $250, $500, and $1,000.....


     I also ask you to forward this email to every Pro-Lifer you know. 


     We are fighting the good fight in the trenches of the Abortion Capital of America, and we need every single supporter we can find, right now.


     I do hope you will be praying for us before and during the critical Preliminary Injunction hearing on Wednesday, June 15th, at 2:30pm in lower Manhattan.


Yours for Life,


Chris Slattery

Founder and President

Expectant Mother Care

EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers

P.O. Box 134, Bronx, NY 10470




P.S. My pro-life legal team is absolutely depending on your prayers for a successful Preliminary Injunction hearing on Wednesday, June 15th, at 2:30PM in Federal Court in Manhattan. Our staff is also depending on your financial support to keep our critical life saving going throughout this long and hot coming summer, although today, as you know, it was already over 97 degrees!


Please give your all, TODAY!