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Sunday, June 26, 2011

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• Judge Blocks Indiana Law Stopping Planned Parenthood Funding

• Abortion Regulations May Shut Down Kansas Abortion Centers

GOP Candidates Sound Pro-Life Themes at Right to Life Event
• Group: Huntsman Wrong for Not Signing Pro-Life Plegde

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• Al Gore Pushes Population Control as Environmental Solution
• Abby Johnson Inspires Audience at Right to Life Convention
• Planned Parenthood: Women Must Get Surgical Abortion if RU 486 Fails
• Former New York NARAL Leader Pleads Guilty to Stealing Funds
• Compassion and Choices Twisted Pro-Euthanasia Logic
• Last Tennessee County Won t De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
• Planned Parenthood Attempts to Infiltrate Texas Schools
• Planned Parenthood Sues Michigan County to Open Abortion Biz

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Judge Blocks Indiana Law Stopping Planned Parenthood Funding
A federal judge blocked an Indiana law on Friday that protects taxpayers from having to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business with public funds via family planning programs through Medicaid.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt in Indianapolis granted Planned Parenthood s request for a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit filed after Republican Governor Mitch Daniels signed the law in May. While it remains to be seen who will ultimately prevail on the merits, the court is persuaded that Planned Parenthood demonstrated a reasonable likelihood of success in challenging the law, Pratt wrote in her decision.

The public interest also tilts in favor of granting an injunction, Pratt said, citing the threats the Obama administration made to yank billions in federal funding from Indiana because of its decision to not fund the abortion business.

Denying the injunction could pit the federal government against the state of Indiana in a high-stakes political impasse, Pratt said. If dogma trumps pragmatism and neither side budges, Indiana s most vulnerable citizens could end up paying the price as the collateral damage of a partisan battle.

Judge Pratt also blocked a portion of the law requiring abortion practitioners to tell women considering an abortion that their unborn child will feel pain as early as 20 weeks into pregnancy. However, she rejected Planned Parenthood s request that a part of the law be blocked that women be told before an abortion that human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm.

Bryan Crobin, a spokesman for Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, said the state will liekly appeal the decision.

Abortion Regulations May Shut Down Kansas Abortion Centers
For many years, abortion businesses in Kansas have claimed to legislative committees that they do not need state oversight and that they already adhere to high industry standards.

So it s quite interesting that Wednesday s AP story speculates that Kansas 3 abortion businesses may not meet the July 1 facility regulations that the state health department (KDHE) is implementing for the new licensure law.

Ironically, most provisions in the new Kansas law were taken from the published standards of the National Abortion Federation! To that was added requirements that any abortion must be done by a Kansas-licensed physician with local hospital privileges, and that chemical abortion pills must not be provided via computer.

Contrary to abortion supporters rant on this page, the law complies with decades of abortion court rulings, and is particularly governed by Greenville Women s Clinic v. Bryant, 222 F.3d 157 (4th Cir.2000). The U.S. Supreme Court did not take the Greenville lower court case for review, and let stand the ruling that South Carolina state standards for licensing abortion clinics ARE constitutional.

GOP Candidates Sound Pro-Life Themes at Right to Life Event
Five of the Republican presidential candidates sounded pro-life themes at the 41st annual National Right to Life convention on Friday in Jacksonville, Florida. With two of the candidates appearing in person and three via Skype connections, each struck a chord with the several hundred pro-life advocates gathered from across the nation.

Herman Cain, the former businessman and candidate, said the Founding fathers got it right including the right to life from conception.

Don t infringe on the rights of somebody else and that includes the unborn, Cain said of what the Constitution requires.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum appeared via Skype and said he felt at home with fellow pro-life advocates. You are the warriors out there on an unpopular front that get assailed by those in the media as being everything but what you are. And what you are are people out there every day loving. You love every human being from the moment of conception, he said. America has a soul and says that it values every life equally. And we want those people to have the right to life. We have a government that refuses to stand for life.

Rep. Michele Bachmann also spoke via Skype and said, Americans are more than ready to make Barack Obama a one term president. Obama has abandoned some of the most common-sense and long-standing limits on abortion. Obamacare funds abortion even though a majority of Americans oppose such funding. I will repeal Obamacare you can take that to the bank. I will repeal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty rearranged his schedule to make an appearance before the Right to Life crowd via Skype. If we re going to have a new and better direction for America, were going to need a new and better president, he said, adding that the National Right to Life theme of Bringing America Back to Life was appropriate for the 2012 presidential election.

He said a culture of life has to be reflected in the nations laws and that those laws must protect unborn children. He said he was delighted in the progress the pro-life movement had made in passing laws that have reduced abortions. In Minnesota, laws Pawlenty signed dropped abortions 13 percent to the lowest recorded levels since 1975.

Group: Huntsman Wrong for Not Signing Pro-Life Plegde
The Susan B. Anthony List is calling out former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman for not signing its pro-life pledge that has candidates agreeing to appoint pro-life nominees for key positions and agreeing to support de-funding abortions and abortion businesses.

Despite Huntsman s pro-life record and pro-life comments he s made recently saying he won t compromise on pro-life issues, SBA List informed that he has not signed the pledge:

Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum all signed the pledge, but Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and newcomer John Huntsman have thus far refused to sign.

Voters are hungry for leaders who make concrete commitments not just those who tout a label, said Marilyn Musgrave, former Congresswoman and Project Director for SBA List. Though his record in Utah is promising, Mr. Huntsman has not served in the highly partisan political environment that is Washington, D.C. He has not appointed federal judges, hasn t pushed for the passage of legislation ending taxpayer funding of abortion, nor has he appointed cabinet members relevant to the issue to uphold and enforce pro-life legislation, like Attorney General or Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Right now, voters can only guess how he will lead in protecting women and unborn children from abortion. They shouldn t have to guess, and this pledge is their tool to hold candidates accountable. He has one week to quell their doubts.

Al Gore Pushes Population Control as Environmental Solution
Earlier this week, former Vice President Al Gore spoke at New York City s Games For Change Festival. He addressed his same old shtick: climate control and the environment, but this time added a new twist: adding that the stabilization of the earth s population will help curb pollution. Gore remarked:

One of the things we could do about it is to change the technologies, to put out less of this pollution, to stabilize the population, and one of the principle ways of doing that is to empower and educate girls and women. You have to have ubiquitous availability of fertility management so women can choose how many children have, the spacing of the children You have to educate girls and empower women. And that s the most powerful leveraging factor, and when that happens, then the population begins to stabilize and societies begin to make better choices and more balanced choices.

Gore is echoing the same message Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates gave in a video he posted to YouTube last year, in which he stated, If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower [the population] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. Thankfully, the video was removed, but it seems to have left an impression.

What I want to know is: Since when does America have a population control problem? And when did our environment become so endangered that we need to consider killing our children to fix it?

What Gore clearly doesn t understand is that there s a much more important issue plaguing our country. Polluted waters and climate changes are a concern sure, but the extermination of innocent children is a crime of much more concern, and one I refuse to stand for.

Abby Johnson Inspires Audience at Right to Life Convention
Abby Johnson inspired attendees of the National Right to Life Convention with her opening talk to hundreds of pro-life activists of all ages sharing her story of conversion to the pro-life perspective on abortion.

Johnson said it has been somewhat difficult to reach out to former co-workers at Planned Parenthood who now go after her following her decision to quit working at the abortion business.

I don t like being chastised by people who used to be my closest friends, but it s not about me at all. I don t do this to make myself feel good and I don t think anyone else here does either, Johnson, said.

Johnson, who now is a guest blogger at, says the conversion experience shows her, We need alot of healing in our country. We know that women deserve better, families deserve better, our children deserve better, our country deserves better.

Johnson said there has to be a combination of laws protecting unborn children frmo abortion but said that has to be combined with prayer.

We want to see legislation change and that is important but we can t legislate abortion away, it won t happen. Roe v. Wade could be overturned tomorrow but abortions would still be happening Saturday, she told the audience. More regulations we put on the books the fewer abortons happen. It s true, it does make a difference.

"This book is an amazing story about life, family, and the evil of abortion," - Abby Johnson

Planned Parenthood: Women Must Get Surgical Abortion if RU 486 Fails
Just when you think that the abortion industry could not possibly get any slimier, you find something like this, from the Bronx Planned Parenthood web page

Here s what you need to know about abortion services at this health center:

Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion)

Abortion pill (medication abortion) is offered up to 9 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period. If your last menstrual period was more than 9 weeks ago, read about our in-clinic abortion services below. Abortion pill (medication abortion) services are available by appointment only.

Plan to be at the health center for 2-3 hour(s) for your entire abortion pill visit (medication abortion). During the abortion pill (medication abortion) visit, you must agree before you start that you will have an in-clinic abortion if the abortion pill does not work. After your abortion visit, you will need access to a telephone, transportation, and backup medical care available to you once you are home.

Former New York NARAL Leader Pleads Guilty to Stealing Funds
The former head of the NARAL pro-abortion group s New York affiliate has pleaded guilty to stealing funds from the organization and she has agreed to repay the money rather than serve any jail time.

Compassion and Choices Twisted Pro-Euthanasia Logic
On June 16 the Catholic bishops of the United States approved their first-ever policy statement focused on physician-assisted suicide, To Live Each Day with Dignity. This prompted a response from the group formerly known as the Hemlock Society, which now goes by the euphemism Compassion & Choices (C&C).

Last Tennessee County Won t De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
As North Carolina, Indiana, Kansas and Wisconsin join a growing list of states refusing to fund abortion promoters with tax dollars, the long effort to fully defund Planned Parenthood in Tennessee has been dealt yet another setback.

Planned Parenthood Attempts to Infiltrate Texas Schools
Planned Parenthood is attempting to increase their presence in public schools to promote their pro-abortion agenda to students. The official Planned Parenthood website has a section designed for middle and high school educators to use for sexual education lessons.

GOP Presidential Candidates Must Affirm Pro-Life Principles
In modern politics, the single issue voter gets a pretty bad rap. He is seen as unrealistic and intellectually myopic, a disservice to his party and, ultimately, his cause. Politics, after all, is about pragmatism; it is the art of the possible, and no thinking person allows themselves to be guided by their feelings on one single issue.

Planned Parenthood Sues Michigan County to Open Abortion Biz
Planned Parenthood of Mid-and South Michigan filed a lawsuit in Oakland County, Michigan to challenge the deed restriction that has thus far
thwarted the abortion provider s plans to open a 17,000 square-foot clinic in Auburn Hills.


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