Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Save the date: July 6th: Sign Up to Save Babies


Dear Deacon,

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, July 6, because it
all begins next week.

If you want to bring 40 Days for Life to your community
this fall, it's time to pray ... discern ... and ACT!

Applications for those individuals who feel called to
LEAD a local 40 Days for Life campaign in their town
or city will open next Wednesday, July 6.

Applications will be accepted online or by mail, and
will remain open through Tuesday, July 26.

The fall 2011 campaign dates are:

               SEPTEMBER 28 - NOVEMBER 6

After the momentum of the record-setting spring 40 Days
for Life campaign ...

... early indications show that this fall could be the
largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever!

Behind the scenes, we're already aware of many of cities
across America and around the globe that are eager to
participate for the first time -- you'll be amazed at
the number of potential new cities and new countries.

Based on the questions coming in -- as well as the
feedback from the 387 cities that have previously
conducted 40 Days for Life campaigns -- we've decided
to give you helpful information, tools, and training
over the next few weeks, so you can:

>> Discover what 40 Days for Life is, and the measurable
  results it has generated

>> Decide if 40 Days for Life is right for you -- and
  for your community

>> Discern your personal role in this fall's 40 Days for
  Life campaign

>> Get others excited and involved

>> Plan for community-wide prayer and fasting

>> Prepare for a successful prayer vigil at a Planned
  Parenthood, other abortion center, or significant
  public location

>> Gear up for effective community outreach efforts

>> Assess what a successful local 40 Days for Life might
  require -- in terms of time, commitment, and money

>> Expand the effectiveness of pro-life efforts in your
  town, saving many more lives!

Long before the application period is over, you will
have time to pray and get all the information you need
to ensure that 40 Days for Life is a good fit for your
community -- BEFORE making any commitment.

Stay tuned -- it's going to be an exciting journey over
these next few weeks as people prayerfully decide if
they will bring a 40 Days for Life campaign to their
city this fall!

Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: If you're not feeling called to LEAD a local 40 Days
for Life campaign, that's perfectly OK! Please pray for
those who ARE discerning this task for the next 40 Days
for Life campaign, that the Holy Spirit may guide them
and strengthen them . . . but most of all please pray
that God's will is done and MANY more lives are saved
from abortion this fall!

 40 Days for Life

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Suite 102229
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