Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get P*rn out of our public libraries

Launching the Safe Library Project

The Coalition for the War on Illegal Pornography
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Dear Deacon John,
Thanks to all of your support, things are moving fast! Your contributions and actions prove that public opinion is still with us. Many want to do something to stop the overwhelming harms associated with pornography. 

Last week, we launched www.CloseTheClubOnNBC.com in an effort to make it unprofitable for NBC and "The 
Playboy Club" to exploit women and promote a pornified culture this fall. There are some things you can do now like sign the pledgeWe are working with other groups for the best attack plan and will have more action steps for you next week.

Tomorrow we will publicly launch The Safe Library Project, in response to reports from many citizens around the country who are exposed to hardcore pornography on public library computers. We have found that numerous public libraries across America have either no policy or ineffective policies for blocking pornography.  
Safe Library Project
Although Congress passed the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to help libraries install filters, the American Library Association and the ACLU continue to advocate for free, unfiltered access to porn. 

Patrons and librarians around the country have reported: men spending hours trolling porn websites, public masturbation, stalking of patrons and employees, catcalls, physical threats, luring children into viewing explicit material, intentionally leaving printouts on tables. Clearly, this is a problem for many reasons! 

Action Item #1: Get Informed. Learn more at our website. 
Action Item #2: Find out what your local library's policy is and let us know.
Action #3: Keep these efforts going with a financial contribution.

Thanks for your help!

Patrick A. Trueman


This effort is directed by Morality In Media, Inc.