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Dear Friends For Life,

We hear from STOPP that "Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: The Pill Kills Marriage seminar" was a big success.

In many locations throughout the US, women and children stood shoulder to shoulder June 4 in front of Planned Parenthood facilities, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and other public places to proclaim that 'The Pill Kills Marriage', raising a groundswell that points to and ponders the fact that contraception destroys marriages and thus families, and that which kills the family will inevitably destroy society as we know it. Front and center was Our Lady, to whom STOPP has consecrated the work of stopping Planned Parenthood.

In addition, American Life League, STOPP International, STOPP of Dallas and the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas joined hands to present the truth about contraception at the first annual 'Pill Kills' seminar in Dallas on June 4.

At the Planned Parenthood killing facility in Dallas, Deacon Rick Condon led the "Prayer" at the Planned Parenthood facility, which can be found at

Since STOPP first consecrated this work to Mary a little over a year ago, Planned Parenthood has been thrust into dire straits, finding itself defending its government funding on every level. If it loses its funding and public support, it cannot survive.

Never underestimate the power of consecrating the fight against Planned Parenthood to Jesus through Mary. Together let us make the "Prayer" a part of our daily lives.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(A Thought) "The Future Depends on What We Do in the Present" -Mahatma Gandhi
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**************************************** Newsletter #531
June 26, 2011



1. Research Reaffirms Traditional Understanding of Gender
2. Internet Porn Reaching Kids Before Parents Have 'The Talk'?
3. Same-Sex Marriage and the Assault on Institutional Integrity
4. Cohabitation and the Abuse of America's Children
5. The Abolition of Marriage
6. The Family's End (Part I)
7. The Family: What Is to Be Done? (Part II)
8. Drug Use, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol Abuse On The Rise Among Young
9. The War Against Girls
10. Husband's Day
11. Migrant workers 'must get protection'
12. Hands That Helped Abortions Now Extend to Unborn Children

(FOCUS ON ASIA): "Myanmar: Refugees flee as fighting spreads" - Thousands of people fearing an escalation in fighting between ethnic rebels and government troops in Kachin state near the Myanmar-China border have fled their villages, with many seeking shelter in churches and temples.



ITEM #1: Research Reaffirms Traditional Understanding of Gender

New research reaffirms that gender is grounded in the biology of men and women, supporting the traditional understanding of gender agreed on by the international community.


ITEM #2: Internet Porn Reaching Kids Before Parents Have 'The Talk'?

Internet pornography is increasingly trumping "the talk" between parents and their children about sex, online safety experts say..


ITEM #3: Same-Sex Marriage and the Assault on Institutional Integrity

After publishing articles recently in the Washington Post and First Things, both arguing that the defenders of conjugal marriage between a man and a woman should not be tarred as irrational bigots, "haters," or "theocrats" by the advocates of same-sex marriage, I received e-mail messages from likeminded friends hailing me for my "courage." I was grateful for their appreciation, but a little mystified at what I took to be overstatement. I find little reason to hail the "courage" of someone who defends the consensus view of the whole history of human civilization -- that marriage is a bedrock social institution that unites a man and a woman in order to make a family -- as rational and well intended.


ITEM #4: Suffer the Little Children: Cohabitation and the Abuse of America's Children

Cohabitation does not serve the "best interest" of children, regardless of what the courts say.


ITEM #5: The Abolition of Marriage

New conceptions of marriage threaten to make "traditional marriage" not only unfashionable but also inaccessible.


ITEM #6: The Family's End (Part I)

The logic of contract and the movement to conquer nature have resulted in the triumph of autonomy and demise of the family.


ITEM #7 The Family: What Is to Be Done? (Part II)

Marital love implies dependence on another instead of autonomy, and it shows that certain goods (sex and procreation, love and marriage, marriage and parenthood) are connected. We must recover the language of self-giving.


ITEM #8: Drug Use, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol Abuse On The Rise Amongst Youngsters

...more and more teenagers have started using Pharmaceutical drugs, which really have an adverse effect mentally and physically. Earlier drugs like Marijuana which is readily available all across the state and neighbouring areas were used. Although now pharmaceutical drugs like Spasmo and some mental pills have been used. These mental pills are a mix of other powerful drugs and are therefore extremely dangerous, when taken by mental patients, these help but when taken by people who do not need them, it can be immensely dangerous.


ITEM #9: The War Against Girls

Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons.


ITEM #10: Husband's Day

In our enlightened, liberated era, we have a tendency to overlook men as husbands, since the father is so often not the husband of the mother. But without some kind of connection between the man and the woman, there is quite literally, no child. I'd like to make the case that the most important thing fathers can do for their children is to love their mother. And likewise, among the many things mothers do for their children, one of the most important is that mothers love their children's father.


ITEM #11: Migrant workers 'must get protection'

A migrant support organization yesterday called on the government to provide better protection for its citizens working overseas, following the beheading of an Indonesian woman in Saudi Arabia.


ITEM #12: Hands That Helped Abortions Now Extend to Unborn Children

I don't know how you are using the hands God has given you. But, I believe there is no better place than the pro-life movement to use them. There are many good things to do with your hands, but most of them don't save the lives of God's children. I believe someone is waiting for each of us to extend our hand to them and share the message of life. Do that today. Get involved. Don't wait. Don't let the hands we have been given go to waste.



1. BE INFORMED: "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6. Visit Website for insights into current Life Issues Access to all prior Newsletters is located in the Archives on main page.

2. PRAY DAILY: for the courage to be God's presence in society and to strongly support those who are deemed "unworthy of life". "If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

3. BECOME INVOLVED: Several years ago Fr. Jerry created a project entitled, "Journey for Life into the Heart of Asia". The project appeals for donations to help finance plane travel for lectures and seminars to developing countries in Asia. Strong focus is centered on reaching Asian Catholic Major Seminaries, Universities, Parishes, Hospitals and Family/Pro Life related groups. The lectures place emphasis on "The Asian Family at Crossroads: Life Issues, Trends and Challenges".

For information about no-cost Pro Life Talks to your group in Asia: contact Fr. Jerry at

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