Thursday, June 30, 2011


2008 World Championships. Johnny Weir

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Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows:
There is only one newspaper in the U.S. that has a story today about the Gay Softball World Series—the New York Times. And it wasn't buried: it's on the front page. The story is about the purging of heterosexuals and bisexuals from the competition (whatever happened to inclusion and diversity?). There is also a story about gay activists in Rhode Island who are against the religious liberty protections included in a civil union bill. Meriting much attention is the right of a salsa dancer from Venezuela fighting deportation: he claims he is married to a Jersey boy and can stay, and with the help of the Obama administration, it looks like he will.
There is a feature story on Brian Ellner's successful campaign to get gay marriage approved in New York. We learn that he graduated from Dartmouth and Harvard Law School, but it wasn't easy for him: after his parents divorced, he spent some time with his unemployed father before settling down with his mother who was on her third marriage. The story on a fundraiser to discourage homosexuals from killing themselves noted the appearance of Johnny Weir, "the flamboyant figure skater" who "arrived in sequined hot pants.
Dan Savage speaking at Bradley University in P...

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A White House reception for gays was attended by columnist Dan Savage "who 

arrived with his husband" (that would appear to make Dan the bride). In an article on flashy new names for paint, it mentions a color called Genteel Lavender, about which a young actress astutely noted it should be called, "My Gay Best Friend." 
In 2000, New York Times reporter Richard Berke told a gay crowd that "on any given day, three-quarters of the people who decide what goes on the front page are 'not-so-closeted homosexuals.'" Interestingly, to this day, the Times has never printed Berke's remark. Yet in the last six months alone, it has mentioned the word "gay" 1170 times. This compares to 666 times in the Washington Post; 524 in theChicago Tribune; 499 in the Los Angeles Times; and 214 in USA Today. Actually, the gap is wider. The "Home" section of today's New York Times has a picture of a guy who looks gay, but never mentions the word. But it quotes him as saying, "My partner, Brian, is a fantastic cook." I knew it.
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