Saturday, June 25, 2011 -Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

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BREAKING: Gay ‘marriage’ passes in New York

John Jalsevac Sat Jun 25 07:00 EST Homosexuality

In a major blow to efforts to protect true marriage in the United States, the New York Senate voted Friday evening to legalize gay "marriage" in a 33-29 vote.

872 letters later, pro-life teen still writing daily letters to Obama defending the unborn

Kathleen Gilbert Sat Jun 25 00:26 EST Abortion

Since President Obama took office, the 17-year-old resident of a Cincinnati suburb has penned a steady stream of daily correspondence to the White House defending the unborn.

First-ever maternity home for college students to open next to Belmont Abbey College

Christine Dhanagom Sat Jun 25 01:27 EST Culture of Life

Feminists for Life of America had polled students at 400 U.S. colleges and universities, and found that the vast majority reported very few resources on their campus for pregnant and parenting students.

At New York gay rights fundraiser, Obama stops short of endorsing gay ‘marriage’

Kathleen Gilbert Sat Jun 25 04:47 EST Homosexuality

Obama addressed a Manhattan gay rights fundraiser gala the president himself hosted Thursday. About six hundred guests were in attendance, reportedly at a cost of up to $35,800 per ticket.

House panel defeats bid to allow D.C. abortion funding

Peter J. Smith Sat Jun 25 04:22 EST Abortion

The committee defeated the abortion funding measure along party lines, with 27 voting against, and only 20 in favor. The spending bill itself later passed.

New Hampshire lawmakers override veto on parental notification bill

Peter J. Smith Sat Jun 25 04:02 EST Abortion

“The New Hampshire Legislature has righted a terrible wrong by overriding Governor Lynch’s veto of the parental notice bill," said a local NRLC representative.

New law could make Kansas first abortion-free state

Kathleen Gilbert Sat Jun 25 01:37 EST Abortion

The new state law requires clinics offering abortions to meet minimum safety standards before they can be licensed to legally perform abortions.

Toronto mayor to skip Gay Pride parade

Patrick B. Craine Sat Jun 25 02:11 EST Homosexuality

“I’m going up to the cottage. I don’t know how much more clear I can be and that’s the end of story,” Ford told media.

Head of former D&P partner said pro-life stand is ‘a violation of basic human rights’: report

Patrick B. Craine Sat Jun 25 01:20 EST Faith

Fr. Luis Arriaga's speaking engagements earlier this year were cancelled only after he refused to sign a statement saying that his group “supports the cause of life from conception to natural death.”

Protest to proceed tomorrow against abortionist Barcelona hospital linked to archdiocese

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Sat Jun 25 05:34 EST Abortion

Organizers say they will proceed tomorrow with their monthly demonstration despite claims that orders have been given to end abortions at the facility.

France’s new bioethics law: it’s bad, but not as bad as it might have been

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Sat Jun 25 05:21 EST Bioethics

The French Parliament has adopted a revision of the 1999 bioethics law, introducing several changes that will make embryo research and eugenic prenatal screening easier to perform.

The sanction of Eros: when Christians divorce

Chuck Colson Sat Jun 25 01:50 EST Opinion

What keeps a marriage together? Love, right? Ahh, but what kind of love?

When the Church bows to the state: Gay bishops in the Church of England

Albert Mohler Sat Jun 25 01:40 EST Opinion

American churches and denominations had better take note. When a church or Christian institution bows to the authority of the state on a matter of such direct biblical importance, it is destined to lose biblical fidelity.

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