Thursday, July 26, 2012

40 Days for Life: FRIDAY: Webcast unites nations!


Dear Deacon,

Around the world ... in 40 Days?

When 40 Days for Life first began with one hour of
prayer in Texas, we never imagined that it would spread
from that community to 440 cities across all 50 American
states and 13 other countries -- but it has!

From Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Northern Ireland,
Poland, Belize, England, Germany, Argentina, Denmark,
Armenia -- to the formerly Soviet occupied country of
Georgia -- 40 Days for Life is spreading around the globe.

(Please pray for the many courageous people in other
countries who are actively considering applying by the
July 31 deadline to bring 40 Days for Life to their
cities this fall!)

Today I want to focus on the BREAKTHROUGH that is
happening in Australia.

Seven Australian cities have already conducted 40 Days
for Life campaigns ... and now, a nationwide coalition
of religious, family and pro-life leaders has united
with a goal to expand 40 Days for Life to dozens of
new locations across Australia over the coming months.

The next Australia National Day of Prayer is going to
focus around that specific goal, calling Australians
to pray, fast, and work for a "Life Breakthrough."

Sounds like "40 G'Days for Life" to me!

In a few weeks, these groups and leaders are flying
David Bereit and his family to Australia for a
whirlwind working and speaking tour all across the
country to recruit, motivate and equip thousands
of people to expand 40 Days for Life coast to coast.

As a preview of this exciting initiative, you are
invited to attend our first-ever Australia/America
joint online webcast on Friday night (in the U.S.):

During this FREE online event, 40 Days for Life
leaders from the U.S. and Australia will reveal:

 >> How YOU can help save lives from abortion --
    wherever you live

 >> How 40 Days for Life began with one hour of prayer,
    and grew into a worldwide movement of more than
    half a million participants across 440 cities ...
    in just five years

 >> The three key 40 Days for Life strategies that have
    saved 5,928 babies from abortion, helped to shut
    down 23 abortion centers, and led to 69 abortion
    workers experiencing conversions and leaving the
    abortion industry

 >> How the 40 Days for Life proven track record of
    results point to even bigger victories in 2013

 >> Specific details for the upcoming Australian
    mobilization -- and how you can help make this
    effort a success even if you live in America!

This event is scheduled at a time enabling Americans
and Australians to join together for prayer and
international convergence:

* AMERICA: Friday, July 27, 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific)
* AUSTRALIA: Saturday, July 28, 11 AM AEST (9 AM AWST)

It's free to attend, but there are limited spaces
available on the webcast, so register now at:

As leadership applications continue to be accepted for
one more week for this fall's 40 Days for Life, come
get a glimpse of the big picture of how your city can
join with people of faith and conscience in other
cities and towns -- all around the globe!

For Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: Can't attend the webcast due to schedule conflicts?
Register anyway at:

Your spot will automatically be allocated to someone
else who can attend live, and we'll notify you as soon
as the recording of the event is available.

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