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Please help Operation Rescue prepare for the most brutal battle we've ever faced.  We're waging all-out 'war'  

AGAINST Obama's "Abortion Mandate"

-and we need YOUR SUPPORT as 
we fight for you on the front lines!


Dear Faithful Friend of Operation Rescue,


That is our new battle cry!

Seriously. Even before the Supreme Court upheld the outrageously flawed and perverse "ObamaCare" law, we knew that we would be faced with a fight for Religious Freedom... and for our Freedom of Speech (and freedom from "forced speech").

We knew it would be a fight for our Christian identity... for our core moral values and beliefs... and ultimately for our survival in a land where the Government is now officially hostile to Christianity-especially the Christian belief in the Sanctity of LIFE!

We were afraid it would come to thisAnd it has.

We know that once Government gets control of "health care"... they basically control your entire LIFE!

They can control every aspect of your life AND your family-from conception ... to the raising of your children... to what you're allowed to eat... to what your employer is required to provide (such as contraception and abortion-paid for by "insurance")... and on and on.

Bottom line?

We are now at a CROSSROADS
And we either turn toward Christ
...or turn against Him.

Those are now our ONLY choices.

Which will it be??

If we COMPLY with the Government's commands, we turn against God.

So let us dare to say (like St. Peter did as head of the Apostles) in Acts 5:29...

"We Must Obey GOD
Rather Than Men"

That is our REAL battle cry.

That is our "Biblical Mandate" for why WE WILL NOT COMPLY with the HHS Mandate.

The HHS Mandate, as you know, forces ABORTIONCONTRACEPTION, and STERILIZATION on the American people-with NO exceptions for people like you and me who detest the deliberate destruction of innocent life and the perverse anti-child mentality that permeates our culture.

Why, the HHS mandate even requires you and me to pay a special "abortion premium surcharge" to help fund free abortions for anyone who wants one... any time and for any reason!

Yes, this is the America we now live in.

And it's all "courtesy" of Barack Obama-who counts "ObamaCare" as the proudest and most important achievement of his life!

I consider it to be "the beginning of the end" for Christianity in America.

I hope I'm wrong, but all the signs point in that direction-UNLESS we do something NOW to STOP this runaway train from smashing into our culture and obliterating everything we hold dear.

BUT... we know how the story ends.


That's why our FAITH is what will keep us together as we prepare to boldly stand in peaceful resistance to the HHS Mandate.

My dear friend, the line has been drawn. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Think about it: Never before have the American people faced such an attack on our conscience and faith.

Never before have we been placed in such an evil predicament.

But Barack Obama gives us no choice with his 'health care' policy.

Nor does Kathleen Sebelius-my old nemesis when she was Governor of Kansas (and a super-close friend and business associate of late-term abortionist George Tiller).

Together, Obama and Sebelius (I'm convinced) have a deep-seated personal HATRED for unborn babies and the vulnerable young mothers who are so tragically VICTIMIZED by the ruthlessshoddy abortionists like the ones we continually SHUT DOWN through our work here at Operation Rescue.

I'll be honest: I'm not sure where this fight will ultimately take us.

I don't know if the Obama Administration is PREPARED to arrest 80-year-old grandmothers and grandfathers.

I don't know if Obama WANTS to have the entire nation WATCH as one good Christian after another goes on trial and testifies for the whole world to hear...


And I seriously doubt that our elected representatives will want to FACE THE PEOPLE at the polls during this election (or any other election) where the images of Christians being arrested are still fresh in everyone's minds.

But that IS what's coming if Obamacare is not repealed.

They've given us no choice but to REFUSE TO COMPLY with the HHS Mandate or anything else that coerces good Christians into cooperating with Satan.

We have designed a bold new bumper sticker so you can tell the world how you feel about Obamacare.

We will happily send it to you FREE 

in return for your donation of any amount to Operation Rescue 

or for simply  e-mailing us your home address.

DON'T HESITATE to put it on your car.

Let us not "think of ourselves" anymore-or worry about what others "think" of us.

Let us be willing, eager, and 'honored to suffer reproach in the name of Jesus' (Acts 5:41).

Here at Operation Rescue, you can rely on us to be on the forefront of the nationwide network of the new "We Will Not Comply" brigades, which we are busy organizing.

And so, I'm hoping and praying that you'll stand with us as we go toe-to-toe with the authorities in the weeks and months ahead.

Operation Rescue needs your utmost support now more than ever before.

Because without you (and the grace of God), we will not be able to stand up to the Obama Administration as they try to force everyone into compliance with their anti-Christian totalitarianism.

We've been down this road before.

I've personally been arrested a dozen times... charged with FACE... jailed... sued by Attorney General Janet Reno and Eric Holder... and investigated by the IRS.

I've torn up federal injunctions right in front of the police.  

I've been sued by Planned Parenthood... and harassed by rabid pro-aborts at my home and office-including death threats.

And all of this I count as an honor since I have suffered these reproaches in the name of Jesus.

My only prayer is that all good Christians will be able to STAND FIRM in the face of the coming persecution.

That's why NOW is the time to double and re-double your resolve to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT-knowing that the Lord God Almighty has already conquered and vanquished his enemies.

These days, I'm intensely praying over Psalm 23, which reads...

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

So please take a moment to send us your most sacrificial gift to help us prevent the coming persecution, which will start the moment they arrest the first Christian who stands up and boldly proclaims (with thousands upon thousands behind him or her)...


Thank you, and God bless.


Yours for the Babies-and America,

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Troy Newman
      President, Operation Rescue

P.S.  If you were Rip Van Winkle and you'd just awaken from a 20-year slumber, you'd be shaking your head in TOTAL DISBELIEF right now!

         But this is not a fable. This is the real "Brave New World." The same one we hoped would never happen.

         It's here. It's happening. And it's up to US to stop it-with God's GRACE and our GUTS.

         I'm serious. What you decide to do right now will help determine the future.

         Please join us.  Get your bold new bumper sticker in return for  your donation of any amount to Operation Rescue or for simply e-mailing us your home address.  

Put the bumper sticker on your car, and make YOUR decision to boldly proclaim...

"I Will Not Comply!"



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