Friday, July 27, 2012

This makes me Sick to my Stomach: Obama to Attend Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner in October!

[The bishops have no one to blame but themselves for sending another mixed message concerning Obama; it will be a great photo opportunity for him; they should rename it the Alfred E. Neuman Dinner]

President Obama accepts invitation to Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner

by Tom Gallagher on Jul. 26, 2012
National Catholic Reporter

The 2008 dinner with then-Cardinal Egan of New York

As I wrote back in March when all heck was breaking loose around contraception, ham sandwiches and religion, the severe and unprecedented animus being directed toward President Barack Obama and his administration by the Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop William Lori and other U.S. bishops and staff set the stage for a potentially divisive Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner in October. During a presidential election year, this annual New York City dinner hosts the president and his challenger for a night of hilarity, as well as remembering the work of Gov. Al Smith on behalf of the poor.

I’ve learned that as of yesterday, Obama, who was in fact extended an invitation, has accepted it. The presumptive Republican nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, will also be in attendance.