Monday, July 23, 2012


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Monday, July 23, 2012
The unheard-of holocaust: Abortifacient contraception
By Thomas Reynolds
Celebrate Life
Today's commentary is published in honor of the 44th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's courageous and prophetic encyclical on the regulation of birth, Humanae Vitae, issued on July 25, 1968. It's especially timely in light of the Health and Human Services mandate forcing all health insurance plans to cover sterilization, contraception, and abortion-inducing drugs and devices, and the fact that, tragically, many Catholics resort to these anti-life measures, in violation of Church teaching and natural law. 

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'Obamacare' extends health care benefits to same-sex partners' children
The Obama administration is giving a new health benefit to same-sex partners----and it's built on one of the most popular provisions of "Obamacare." On Friday, the administration published a proposed rule that would extend one of the health care law's best-known provisions----allowing children to stay on their parents' health plans until age 26----to same-sex partners of federal workers.  

New book's ironic claim: Catholic Church paid to send Obama to an Alinsky-founded group's community organizing training
The Blaze
A new book by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and American Spectator journalist George Neumayr exposes never-before-seen documents that purportedly show that the Catholic Church supported, and gave monies to, Barack Obama in the 1980s to attend a community organizing training with the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Additionally, in "No Higher Power," the authors highlight other problematic funding and allegiances between the Church and ultra-liberal causes.  

Texas, Planned Parenthood keep fighting
Texas' health and human services commissioner says the state may get a boost in its fight to exclude Planned Parenthood from a key women's program, courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on health care reform. The federal government has said it will end funding for the Medicaid Women's Health Program in Texas because the state banned clinics affiliated with abortion providers, even if the clinics themselves don't provide abortions.